Storefront Doors

Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo® offers Southern Ontario businesses the highest quality door closer care services. Door closers play a critical role in the initial impression of your business. Difficult to open doors or glass in poor repair misrepresent your business. Our repair, maintenance and replacement services are guaranteed to keep your storefront in good condition. Door closers add mobility and security to your commercial entries, and our specialists will help you make a great first impression by keeping them well-maintained.

How Door Closers Work

Door closers come in a number of different styles, but they all work in the same way. After a door is opened, a hydraulic door closer allows it to gently return to its closed position. A spring inside a sealed tube with a fluid filled chamber allows for its smooth operation. Door closers can also help improve energy efficiency as they help keep heat and air conditioning inside, where they belong. The chamber's hydraulic fluid controls your door's closing speed. If the door closer becomes damaged, it presents a serious risk to the people who enter and exit your business.

Door Closer Care Services

While door closers are easy to install, the job should be performed by an expert who understands how they work. Proper installation and maintenance maximize a door closer's lifespan. Most door closer failures are the result of improperly trained maintenance personnel installing or servicing the closer. Our experts, using the right tools, are specially trained to install, repair or replace all types of door closers. We offer a variety of door closer care services to business owners in the area.

Door Closer Seal Repair

If you notice a leak from your door closer, it generally means one of three things:

  • A missing screw
  • Broken O-rings
  • Failed seals

Any of these make your door closer's hardware susceptible to damage. This type of damage could harm patrons or employees, so we recommend you schedule an immediate repair if you notice any oil leaks. Doors that lose their ability to gently close will swing freely and may cause serious injury. They can also cause severe damage to the frame and the door itself.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Businesses in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo can benefit from regular door closer maintenance. Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo offers a door closer maintenance program that ensures your door's hardware is always in superb condition. We also offer competitive, up-front pricing, rapid response time and professional and friendly service. Whatever type of business you own, you'll appreciate our excellent door closer care services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We offer a wide range of industry solutions to serve every business in our area.