Custom Glass Solutions

Glass is a versatile material used in home furniture and decor for its functionality and beauty. But one size of glass does not fit every home. Don't shop for off-the-shelf glass, call Glass Doctor® of Kitchener-Waterloo for individualized glass care. Our specialists have the experience and knowledge to handle every custom project. From glass tabletops and French doors to shelves and mirrors, we will find budget-friendly solutions for glass decor and home projects.

Home Decor: Shelves, Tabletops and Mirrors

Glass shelving is a beautiful way to display treasured items and add an elegant and classic look to a room. They can be cut and fitted into existing shelves or made for a custom project. Our specialists promise accurate measurements, no matter the shape and size.

Another common project is glass tabletops. Your new or existing glass tabletops can be fitted with tempered glass to enhance the safety of the furniture. Safety is one of our priorities, and we will work with you to choose the ideal materials and finishes for every table.

Mirrors are one of the biggest accessories in interior design today. They give the illusion of more space, add light and are an interesting element in any room.

For each project Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo assists on, we send a specialist to you so we can help you decide what will work best. Some of the things we'll cover include:

  • Edgework detail
  • Weight and thickness
  • Glass tinting or coating
  • Safety issues

Glass Door and Window Inserts

Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo maintains good relations with vendors so we can provide you with the best glass products and designs. With doors, there are several considerations to make, and our glass specialists will guide you through the process. We address many issues, such as upgrading door glass, replacing broken glass and installing matching window and door glass.

We offer inserts that serve many purposes.

  • Decorative glass
  • All-weather glass - our glass meets or exceeds regulations
  • Laminated glass
  • Energy-efficient glass

Double-pane windows with sliding blinds

Low-Emissivity Windows

Windows give us views and let natural light inside, but they go beyond simple anesthetic touches. The right windows add a protective layer for furniture, fabrics, carpets and other furnishings. Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo utilizes Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass; a type of glass that is reflective and made of thin metallic coatings. Low-E glass is a value in any home; it reduces fading by blocking harmful UV rays, controls the heat gain and reflects the sun's glare. The benefits of investing in Low-E glass are more comfort and value in your home with reduced energy costs.

Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo takes pride in our service and performance. If you're looking for assistance in a custom glass project, trust our glass experts. We'll help you find the right solutions for your home. Schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation today to improve you glass decor.