Auto Glass Care

The glass on your vehicle serves an important purpose: it protects you and your passengers in your vehicle. For this reason, a crack or break in any of the glass on your vehicle is more than an aesthetic problem. Glass Doctor® of Kitchener-Waterloo provides comprehensive auto glass repair and replacement solutions following Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS®). We offer convenient scheduling and complete most repairs in less than an hour.

Windshield Repair

The windshield on your vehicle accounts for up to 45% of its architectural strength in a collision and up to 60% in a rollover accident. The slightest chip or crack compromises this vital safety feature and may cause the glass to become a dangerous projectile in a collision. Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo urges you to seek prompt auto glass repair services when you notice damage on your windshield.

Glass specialists generally complete chip and crack repairs in less than 60 minutes. Using industry standards and best practices, our techniques restore your vehicle’s architectural strength and windshield clarity without damaging electronic components. We encourage you to speak with your insurance agent before scheduling a repair to learn if your auto policy covers the service. If it does, we will handle the windshield claim for you.

Our team is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). Our experienced glass specialists receive training throughout the year so they stay on top of the latest best practices and industry standards regarding safety, repairs, replacements and products.

Windshield Replacements and the Windshield Protection Plan

Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo has a repair-first policy. This means that our glass specialists will opt to perform a windshield repair when it is a safe option. If the impact requires a replacement, we provide our Windshield Protection Plan. The guarantee is a one-time-only offer that covers your windshield during the 12 months following a replacement. If a natural road hazard damages the new windshield during this time, we will repair or replace it free of charge. You will only have to pay for labour, the windshield kit, clips and moulding.

When you acquire the Windshield Protection Plan, you have the option to purchase the Full-Service Plan. This plan covers the costs that the regular guarantee does not. It also includes new windshield wipers and our hydrophobic coating glass protectant.

General Auto Glass Repair

We handle all types of auto glass on most vehicles - from smart cars to RVs. Our glass specialists expertly repair and replace the following:

  • Rear windshields
  • Rearview and side mirrors
  • Sunroofs
  • Quarter glass
  • Passenger windows
  • Head and taillight covers

Auto Glass Tinting

When you have upgraded materials in your vehicle - like leather seats or specialty carpeting - prevent sun-related fading and damage with tinted windows. Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo provides window tinting services that comply with local laws and protect the interior of your vehicle.

Auto Glass Repair for Fleets

We are a locally owned and operated business that looks out for other businesses. Our commercial vehicle program provides discounts on windshield repairs and replacements, and general auto glass repair. If we replace the windshields in your fleet, you could also be eligible for the Windshield Protection Plan.

The purpose of a vehicle is to transport you to a destination quickly and safely. Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo wants to help you with our glass repair services. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online!