Custom Mirrors

Mirrors have been used for years to brighten, lengthen and decorate homes, resulting in cozier interiors and chic offices. No matter what type of environment you hope to create in your space, custom mirrors are an excellent addition. Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo® has the professional experience to create custom mirrors that will accentuate your home and office. We cut unique and completely custom glass mirrors that will be a perfect fit for you.

Custom Mirrors for Your Home

Building the home of your dreams is not always easy, but mirrors can help. Adjust mirrors in your home to flank your favorite furniture, such as sitting on a bedside table or on a shelf. Another way to create a cozy home with mirrors is to mount them in order to magnify light at a desk or corner table. Dream up your custom mirror during a consultation with our top-tier glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo, we will show you were to put mirrors for the greatest impact.

Increase Lighting In Your Home

Different types of mirrors will illuminate a large portion of your home if you creatively placement the pieces. A custom mirror that is placed correctly can spread natural light throughout a room, giving a fresh new look to an otherwise dark interior. Strategic placement brightens adjacent walls and closet areas. Our glass specialists place custom mirrors to shed light, giving a comfortable feel throughout the room.

Add Space To Your Home

A great way to add depth is to place mirrors in your office or home. Custom mirrors with multiple panels build a warm ambiance to an otherwise uninspiring room. Types of mirrors that can create this effect are mirrored walls, mirrored backsplashes and statement mirrors, such as sunburst mirrors or narrow mirrors. Playing with different types of sizes and shapes can also create the illusion of space in any size room.

Mirrors that Make A Statement

Add the interest your home or office has been missing with a custom mirror from the Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo. Our glass specialists have years of experience consulting on custom mirrors for homes and offices. Some of the unique mirrors that our glass specialists have customized include luxurious framed mirrors, massive floor-to-ceiling mirrors, hanging mirrors or mirrored shelves. Each mirror that our specialists create can be paired with art or unique furniture.


Schedule A Consultation

Brighten, add depth or recreate the decor of your home with the Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo. Impress your visitors with a professional addition. Our team will bring the decor you've imaged to life. We have the experience to create a custom mirror that will reflect your personal style and family. Contact us to find your perfect mirror with the Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo!