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Auto Window Tinting

Auto Window Tinting

Window tinting is the perfect way to add a sophisticated and stylish look to your vehicle. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of The Gold Country will use their expertise to install window tinting on any vehicle, resulting in a clean, professional appearance.

Window tinting offers more than a great look; it also enhances the overall driver experience. When you drive with the sun glaring in your face, it’s annoying and dangerous. Applying window film will prevent the harsh rays of the sun from hitting the areas that your sun visor won’t reach.

Interior Protection

Your car suffers from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Over time, your upholstery will begin to fade. You’ll also experience issues like dashboard fading and other surfaces will become discolored, crack or warp. When you block the sun’s rays, you’ll keep the interior of your vehicle looking beautiful for years to come.

Privacy & Security

From the packages bought during a recent shopping trip to valuable business equipment, vehicles are used to store the items we need. Advertising what you keep inside of your vehicle can lead to prying eyes, but dark window tinting offers an additional layer of privacy. Tinted windows also have the added benefit of allowing kids to watch glare-free entertainment while parents drive in comfort.

Added Comfort

Leaving your parked car in direct sunlight often leads to an unbearable situation when you return. Vinyl or leather seats cling to and hurt bare skin and high temperatures leave vehicles feeling like ovens. Applying window film will prevent the summer heat from cooking the inside of your car.

Free Consultation

No matter if you want to upgrade the look of your vehicle or just want a more comfortable ride, Glass Doctor of The Gold Country will assist you with your upgrades. Call or schedule your appointment online with us today.