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Double Pane Windows

Windows play a key role in your home’s energy efficiency; they are responsible for a third of a home's total heat loss. If they’re damaged or are made of a single pane, they do a poor job of keeping out the heat and cold. Even if you have double-pane windows, the seal often fails, trapping air and moisture in between the panes. Glass Doctor® of The Gold Country works with residents of Jackson, El Dorado Hills and Folsom to create stronger and more beautiful homes. Our specialists are fully trained and experienced in glass replacement to help update and restore your windows.

We’ll help you choose a replacement window that will enhance your home’s appearance, increase its value and lower your energy bills. We utilize existing frames whenever possible, so we often are able to replace the glass without replacing the entire window, resulting in significant cost savings.

Upgrading Your Windows

double pane window

Upgrading the windows in your Jackson home is an affordable option, and will result in lower heating and cooling costs. Our insulated glass units (IGUs) help prevent summer heat gain and winter heat loss, making your home more comfortable in any season.

Double pane windows are an ideal choice for any home, but particularly in the following situations:

  • An older home that is subject to frequent fluctuations in temperature
  • Double pane windows that have condensation between the panes
  • Single pane windows that aren't as efficient

What Makes Double Pane Windows Different?

These units are constructed using two or more pieces of glass and a spacer. This helps create a separate, sealed air space that’s filled with moisture-absorbing materials. In some units, argon or krypton gas is used between the two panes for extra insulation. In addition to helping reduce your power bills, double pane windows are designed to minimize the chance of moisture buildup. Our specialists will also use a high-grade sealant around the entire unit, making it further resistant to the causes of condensation.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our courteous professionals and let us fix your panes! We’ll come to your home at your convenience and supply a free estimate for your windows. Our workmanship is guaranteed, and our upfront pricing and no-overtime policy ensures that you won’t face any unexpected costs.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.