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Security Film

Installing protective glass between your products and unwelcome intrusions remains the first step in business safety. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of The Gold Country provides professional installation services for all storefront panes, guaranteeing enhanced structural integrity with gorgeous, crystal clear glass. Include window tinting* in each installation for increased security, interior comfort and climate control support. We work tirelessly to bring you the best security film at an affordable price.

Prioritize employee productivity using high-quality security film. In addition to increased comfort and protection, film coating minimizes computer glare and light transmittance so you can save on monthly energy costs. Choose our specialists for industry-trusted installations and continue business with an unbeatable low overhead.

Protect your Commercial Business

Deter break-ins and theft to maintain a safe and profitable business. Security film applies to all commercial glass panes to prevent plotting eyes from spying your merchandise. Additional benefits include:

  • Privacy: Use dark tinting to cover private offices or rooms with restricted access.
  • Liability Protection: Film coating minimizes damage from hazardous glass shards.
  • Curb Appeal: Graffiti and other acts of vandalism damage easily replaceable film instead of storefront panes.

Improve Natural Lighting

Brighten sales floors, stock rooms and offices with warm, natural lighting. Our experienced specialists apply sunlight redirecting film to make your business truly brilliant. Expect increased employee productivity and courteous customer service from workers happy to feel the sun. Enjoy reduced energy costs as an added bonus.

Serving Jackson, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Folsom, Valley Springs and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of The Gold Country delivers commercial window glass protection on time and on budget. We style or texture window tinting to suit your individual preferences and existing interior design. Call 209-257-4395 or complete an online service request form to contact a certified glass expert today.

*Each state has its own laws and regulations for windows’ visible light transmission (VLT) and commercial window tinting. Glass Doctor window tinting and security film materials do not protect against damage from high winds or wind-borne debris.