Double Pane Window Services for Indianapolis

Glass Doctor® of Indianapolis will help you avoid noise pollution in your home with the installation of insulated glass units (IGUs). Not only do these energy-efficient upgrades reduce sound pollution, but they also help create a more balanced temperature in your home.

Glass Doctor of Indianapolis specializes in double pane window replacement. Our specialists are qualified to perform any type of insulated glass installation, replacement, and renovation as well as adding a layer of protection to the windows in your home. If possible, our team can replace the damaged pane without replacing the original frame or grid of your window.

Double Pane Window Benefits

double pane window

By upgrading your existing windows to new and energy-efficient windows you will gain several distinct benefits, including:

  • Decreased noise pollution
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced effects of extreme climate changes
  • Increased value on your property

Insulated glass units are created by taking two pieces of window glass and separating them with a spacer, which will form an isolated and sealed space between them. To avoid the build-up of moisture inside the window, the spacers are filled with moisture-absorbing desiccants or a warm-edge glass spacer, also known as a super spacer. To finish them off, the perimeter of the IGUs are sealed with a high-grade sealant, which will prevent condensation from accumulating between the panes.

Double Pane Window Replacement

Glass Doctor of Indianapolis offers a variety of IGU styles from our premier U.S. vendors, including:

  • Single-sealed replacement windows
  • Dual-sealed replacement windows
  • Double pane replacement windows
  • Triple pane replacement windows
  • Low-Emissivity (Low-E) replacement windows

Whether you are looking for a double pane window replacement or are interested in updating your existing windows with one of our many insulated window glass options, Glass Doctor of Indianapolis is your go-to expert. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service, convenient scheduling, quality workmanship and upfront pricing.

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