Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Indianapolis

Glass Doctor® of Indianapolis offers an exclusive Advanced Measurement system to make your business recovery plan complete. We will index all of the glass used at your location so replacing any given piece is as easy as calling our office with the number of the pane that has been damaged. Since we will have the dimensions and specifications already on file, this system may even allow us to finalize repairs in a single trip, which means you are saving money in the process.

Expedited Emergency Services

When glass is broken after hours, the Advanced Measurement system will be a huge benefit. Let us know the index number of the broken panes and we can check our in-stock options before a glass specialist is dispatched. If we already have the piece in stock, it can be installed when the representative arrives, avoiding unsightly boarding-up without sacrificing the security of your establishment. If you have specific glass that gets broken more frequently, we can keep the appropriate glass on hand, ensuring faster service any time of the day or night.

Advanced Measurement Advantages

Your business recovery plan is not complete without taking the windows, doors and other glass into consideration. Signing up for the Advanced Measurement system achieves full coverage in the simplest way possible. The system allows us to establishing your credit options and other details in advance to avoid delays when time is at a premium. At Glass Doctor of Indianapolis, our goal is to provide every customer with the best services possible, and this system means more convenience for you, a better exterior appearance for your location and emergency repair services 24/7 to make sure you are always protected.

Our Advance Measurement System is only one of the commercial services we offer. Other programs include National Accounts, our one-of-a-kind Commercial Care program and membership benefits like discounts on all glass work performed at your location. Complete your business recovery plan today by signing up for advance measurement or our other exclusive services.