Door Closer Repair Service in Indianapolis

Make a flawless first impression with user-friendly commercial entrance doors. Glass Doctor® of Indianapolis offers manual door closer repair, installation and maintenance services, allowing all customers and employees to easily enter your establishment. Heavy-duty door closers maintain guest security, minimizing potential liability issues on your premises. Rely on our experts for complete satisfaction in enhanced business security and operations.

Door Closer Operation

Save clients the trouble of closing entrance, office and other interior doors. Manual door closers return doors to original closed positions without any physical assistance. First, a user pushes the door, feeling slight resistance in proportion to the door’s weight. The door then opens smoothly with consistent pressure. Upon release, a spring transfers stored tension into a mechanical arm, closing the door gently behind the user.

Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

Match doors with the appropriate manual door closers. Heavy wood or glass doors require strong springs and mechanical arms to swing effortlessly back in the frame. Avoid potential damages and safety risks by asking our specialists to assess doors for the appropriate door closer.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Trust Glass Doctor of Indianapolis to apply industry best practices in every door closer installation and adjustment. We reverse improper installations and maintain door closer functionality to maximize the lifespan of every moving part. Our expert services prevent a number or common issues, including:

  • Doorframe and door closer damage
  • Unstable door movements
  • Misalignments
  • Low oil levels and seal or O-ring replacements

Broken seals or O-rings and missing screws weaken hardware and lead to oil leaks. As a result, doors open and close rapidly, causing use to be unpredictably dangerous for individuals on either side of an exit or entryway.

Door is Difficult to Lock

Protect your employees, merchandise and door closer investments by repairing faulty door locks. Forcing doors to lock damages the doorframe, locking mechanism and moving parts of the manual door closer. On the other hand, properly working locks support properly working doors, minimizing security threats and avoidable damage.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Don’t void a door closer warranty by hiring an untrained worker to make repairs. We send our experts, trained in door closer installation, maintenance and repair, to perform all necessary services. Look forward to restoring business security in both a quick and cost-effective manner. Ask about additional door and window services, including:

  • Doorframe repair
  • Glass pane repair and replacement
  • Door and window hardware repair
  • Threshold replacement

Serving Indianapolis, Carmel and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Indianapolis guarantees industry expertise in every door closer repair. Call 317-288-3429 or complete an online service request to contact a team member directly. We’ll schedule an onsite consultation at your convenience.