Window Repair & Replacement

Strong windows keep you safe from weather and extreme temperatures, but weak or damaged windows leave you vulnerable. Whether your windows are cracked, broken or simply need an upgrade, Glass Doctor® of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe has the expertise and resources to restore them. Our window repair team makes quick, reliable repairs under all conditions, making your home safe and sustainable once more.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

Every minute you delay fixing your windows contributes to energy overuse and climate change, so we don’t hesitate. Regardless of the hour, weather or distance, our repair team will travel to your house, assess the damage and restore your windows. We usually fix windows within the hour, but when more comprehensive repairs and replacements are in order, we'll board up your windows and clean the glass free of charge before ordering the new panes.

Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane windows are among the most effective insulated units, but even they aren't invincible. Your window seal will fail over time, giving the panes a milky or foggy appearance. Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe will reverse this damage, restoring the seal and preventing air and energy from leaking out of your home. We minimize the cost and impact of repairs by fixing only the panes that show signs of damage, leaving the rest of the window unaffected.

Specialty Glass Repair

Windows are by no means the only important glass products, which is why our team also fixes glass mirrors, doors, cabinets, tabletops and other features. We repair not only standard glass but also tinted glass, decorated glass and a myriad of other aesthetic and functional variations.

Window Replacement

If your glass is too heavily damaged for us to fix it, Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe provides affordable, high-quality replacement panes. We're committed to improving the sustainability of you home, offering double pane, triple pane and other insulated glass units (IGUs) for windows and doors.


Installing enhanced glass is the first step in saving money and reducing home energy use, and we give you a broad selection of options to do just that. Low-emissivity, or Low-E, glass is coated with a metallic substance that blocks heat and UV rays but barely interferes with visible light. This protects your furniture from UV fading and reduces summer energy use without requiring you to use more artificial lighting. Similarly, IGUs reduce energy consumption year-round and also prevent outside noises from entering your home.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Designed to bolster windows and make them easy to clean, Hydrophobic Coating also works on porcelain, granite and tile surfaces. It prevents debris, minerals, and pollutants from building up on hard surfaces. This keeps your windows beautiful and extends their life.


Tinted glass windows protect your home from ultraviolet radiation, prevent summer heat form leaking into your house and provide your home with a beautiful ambiance.

Window Component Repair

Window issues are as often the result of damaged components as damaged glass. Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe repairs window locks, latches, balances, and other features.

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