Industry Glass Solutions

Safety and sustainability are part-and-parcel of a successful business. Not only do safe, sustainable companies spend less money on energy, insurance and litigation, but they build customer loyalty with ease. By demonstrating that they care about the wellbeing of their customers and of the planet, they cultivate a positive image, convincing customers to choose them over their competitors.

Installing new windows and other glass products is the first step to building a safe, sustainable business. With Glass Doctor® of Huntsville, Willis, and Lake Conroe, you'll never have trouble finding quality glass products and services. Join our Commercial Care program for access to quick industry glass repair services and discounts to benefit your:

Apartments and Condominiums

Save your tenants money with insulated glass windows and doors. Glass Doctor's products reduce the energy needed for indoor climate control, lowering your business's ecological footprint and your tenants' bills. We also offer glass shower doors, gym and locker room equipment, pool features, and other products. If you join our Commercial Care program, we will also give your tenants a 15% discount on auto glass repairs.

apartment windows


From plate glass to decorations, restaurants have no shortage of glass needs, all of which Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe can fill. Besides the standard energy-saving insulated glass, we also offer windows made of tinted or decorated glass as well as glass atriums, entryways and other features. We provide sneeze guards for buffets and sliding doors for drive-thru windows. We're happy to install new equipment or upgrade and embellish your existing windows and decorations.

Schools and Universities

No science lab is complete without glass beakers, safety windows, observation rooms and sturdy tabletops from Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe. Outside of science class, we provide dorm room windows, display cases for school awards and shower doors for dorm bathrooms. To promote student safety, we offer laminated and tempered glass to minimize the risk of breaking as well as fire-rated glazing for all glass products.


Glass is the oldest form of advertisement. By placing your wares in a big display window, you encourage passersby to enter your store and see what it has to offer without spending a cent on marketing. Our team provides strong, weather-resistant windows that will keep your products safe while displaying them clearly for all to see.

Hotels and Motels

Give your visitors a night to remember with premium glass windows, decorations and other glass features. Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe provides a wide range of shower enclosures, including frameless, framed, heavy, and bypass doors, to help you embellish visitors' bathrooms and shower facilities. We also offer safety glass ideal for pools and workout centers.

Cities and Municipalities

City governments need to set an example for the people. By building beautiful, sustainable and safe offices, they encourage respect for public officials. We offer a wide range of products perfect for city buildings, including insulated glass windows, fire-rated glass partitions and other features to protect and inspire civil servants and citizens. Whether you're looking to install new features or update the old ones, our industry glass repair and installation specialists offer the care and expertise your city needs.