Double Pane Windows

Double Pane Windows

The windows in your home provide instant access to the world outside and allow for the entry of warm, natural light. Unfortunately, windows are exposed to the extremes of climate and weather causing the unit to weaken over time. As the seal deteriorates window performance suffers. A window that has been sealed inadequately will eventually leak, resulting in a loss of energy efficiency in your home. Glass Doctor® of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe proudly offers high quality insulated glass units (IGUs) to improve your home’s window performance and ensure continued comfort and effectiveness against the elements. Double pane windows, though insulated by a pocket of air or gas between two pieces of glass, are also at risk for leaks should a seal become broken and will eventually warrant window glass replacement.

Drafts, condensation between panes and a milky aspect to the glass are typical indicators of leaks and broken seals around windows. Window glass replacement can be much more affordable than replacing the entire window, and our team of experts at Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe make the process easy and worry-free.

Advantages of Insulated Glass Units

double pane window

Insulated glass units are designed primarily to maximize a home’s energy efficiency. Their design is comprised of multiple pieces of window glass separated by a special insulating spacer, which is often filled with a desiccant to absorb any moisture between the panes. A modern variation of double pane windows can include a warm edge spacer made of a special composite to prevent heat loss. Many double pane windows add a gas such as argon to supplement the effect of the insulated unit. The unit is sealed completely with a premium sealant to inhibit condensation and leaks.

An IGU installed by the specialists at Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe will:

  • Improve your home’s window performance
  • Keep warm air inside when temperatures drop outside and lessen the load on your air conditioning system in warmer months.
  • Improve the overall efficiency of your home and cut energy costs by providing a more consistent temperature inside.
  • Enhance the beauty, comfort and value of your home.
  • Offer a cost effective alternative to complete window unit replacement.

Window Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Conroe specializes in insulated window glass replacement. Our experts make the installation experience both simple and convenient. By utilizing your existing window frames, the process is both budget and environmentally friendly. Take the first step in making your home more energy-efficient. Call or click to schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe today!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.