Custom Mirrors

Incorporating depth and style into your living spaces is simple with the addition of custom mirrors suited to your unique tastes and your home’s decor. Glass Doctor® of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe is the premier choice for custom glass solutions, including mirrors that range from simple and sleek to intricate and elegant.

Add Depth to Space

Small spaces in your home seem larger and much more inviting with mirrors placed in just the right positions. Custom mirrors reflect the natural light in the room and the surrounding surfaces producing the illusion of a larger, more refined space. Accentuate the furnishings and architectural features in your home with the strategic placement of framed or tiled custom mirrors.

Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe provides an in-home consultation to discuss our array of mirror options including:

  • Mirrored Walls: Small hallways and alcoves suddenly appear larger and brighter.
  • Mirrored Backsplashes: A fun way to add flair and depth to your kitchen space.
  • Statement Mirrors: Custom statement mirrors add a wow factor above your mantel or headboard.

Highlight Beauty in Your Home

Custom specialty mirrors complement your home furnishings and art by reflecting natural light to accentuate each piece. Our mirrors are available in a wide variety of finishes, tints, frames and edges that bring out the beauty of your decor. Featured custom mirror products include:

  • Framed Mirrors: Our specialists assist in choosing the perfect-framed mirror to add the perfect touch to any room. Framed mirrors are especially effective in accentuating walls with other hanging art or photographs.
  • Mirrored Shelves: Display your art and collectibles in style with custom mirrored shelves that allow full view of your treasured pieces.
  • Hanging Mirrors: Hanging mirrors work well in most any area, adding depth and interest to your home.

Enrich the Natural Light

Custom mirror solutions such as hanging mirrors and mirrored surfaces effectively redirect and amplify your home’s natural and artificial light to brighten your home’s interior. Even areas without windows appear lighter with well placed mirrors.

  • Bedroom Mirrors: Create the perfect ambiance in your bedroom with mirrors that reflect light and set a relaxing mood.
  • Mounted Mirrors: Heighten the effects of illumination from desk lamps, mounted lanterns and other lights with mounted mirrors throughout your home.

Mirrors Designed to Inspire

Full-length mirrors are fashionably functional for you and your home. Ideal for bedrooms, closets, entryways and bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling mirrors give you the advantage of assessing your entire appearance while getting dressed or just before leaving your home. With a selection of frames available to suit any decor, our custom designs will impress both you and your guests.

  • Framed Mirrors: Add a special, illuminating touch to your bathroom with a full-length framed mirror.
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors: Ideal for deciding on the perfect outfit and checking your appearance before going out, full length mirrors make getting yourself ready an easier task.

Explore the wonderful possibilities created by adding custom mirrors to your home. Call or click today to speak with a Glass Doctor of Huntsville, Willis and Lake Conroe specialist!