Door Closer Repair Service in Huntsville, AL

Something as simple as a broken door closer can ruin the good impression of your business. Glass Doctor® of Huntsville will restore your opening impression with our door closer repair services, we check the mechanics are functioning properly to avoid accidents and damage.

The Purpose of Door Closers

Door closers assist in both the opening and closing of doors. When you apply pressure to a door fitted with a closer, you'll feel the weight of the door before it slides smoothly open. When you release the door, it will close slowly, automatically shutting behind you.

Reasons for Door Closer Repair

If a door is fitted with the wrong type of door closer or if a door closer is installed by anyone but a trained professional, you'll require repair service. Weak, improperly adjusted springs damage the doorframe, cause misalignment in the door closer and create unexpected movements by the door.

Another reason for a door closer repair service is damage to components. Usually, this is due to a broken seal, which leaves a gap and exposes hardware. Oil leaks, due to missing screws, damaged O-rings, or worn seals, also cause problems. In either case, the opening and closing speed of the door will change, putting users at a higher risk of accidents and potentially damaging the door.

Also look out for doors that are difficult to lock. Forcing a door to lock will put pressure on the door closer and doorframe.

Our Door Closer Repair Service

At Glass Doctor of Huntsville, our specialists are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to install and maintain door closers for the longest possible lifespan. Never attempt to carry out a repair on your own; you'll not only void your warranty, you could damage the mechanism or even cause an injury to yourself or someone else.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Huntsville for professional care at budget friendly costs. We are happy to discuss door closer repair service and to learn about the other ways we can improve aesthetics and functionality at your business. Make an appointment for a consultation today!