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Window Repair & Replacement

No matter what type of broken glass you find yourself facing, Glass Doctor® of Hastings, MI, has qualified glass specialists capable of tackling the problem. We employ only the industry’s best practices, deliver up-front price quotes and schedule an appointment convenient to your time constraints. Everyone on our staff is trained to provide exceptional customer service and workmanship.

Window Repair

Emergency Window Repair

Glass Doctor of Hastings, MI, maintains an emergency response teal for glass emergencies that occur after normal business hours. The safety and security of your home is our primary importance and should be dealt with immediately. Our specialists will respond to your home, clean and remove the debris and repair your damaged glass.

Double Pane Window Repair

Multi-pane windows require an airtight void between the glass panes, sometimes filled with inert gas such as argon. An intact seal is needed to maintain this insulating void. If a seal breaks you may notice a white, milky-like coloration or visible condensation forming on the window. Such a window must be replaced, just as if the actual glass was broken, if you want to restore the appearance and insulating capability of any multi-pane window with a broken seal. Fortunately, the existing window frame can usually be utilized and only the glass unit must be replaced.

Specialty Glass Repairs

In addition to our work with windows and glass doors, Glass Doctor of Hastings, MI, performs home glass decor installations and upgrades with items such as mirrors, glass tabletops, shelving, display cabinets, shower doors and tub enclosures. We'll also repair or replace the glass found in garages or entryway doors.

Window Replacement


Upgrading older windows to the newer, high-efficiency thermal alternatives has become a popular home improvement project that increases home values, lowers utility costs, improves occupancy comfort and a home's curb appeal. Options such as low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, inert-gas filling and tints or other various coatings will increase your new window's ability to keep heat and noise out and comfort in.

Additional Services

Window Component Repair

Our service experts are also qualified to repair broken window and door components such as locks, balances, tilt latches, sash locks, chains, etc.

Glass Tint

We offer a unique, trademarked product called Clear Choice™ that is incredibly effective at protecting glass and other hard surfaces like granite, tile, porcelain and metal surfaces. It resists hard water/mineral spots, protects against scratching and lessens dirt buildup.

Gain the Advantage

Our Glass Doctor Advantage Plan® provides numerous benefits to members, including special discounts, special warranties and priority scheduling. Contact us today for service details or to schedule an appointment.