Emergency Business Glass Services

Don’t let broken glass affect your business’ image. As soon as a pane breaks, get in touch with Glass Doctor® of Hastings, MI. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to perform a business emergency glass repair that will restore your property’s security and minimize interruptions so you can resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Business Emergency Glass Repair Services

Repairing broken glass on a commercial property in a timely manner reduces safety risks, minimizes energy losses and makes the building less vulnerable to vandalism and break-ins. The services that come with a Glass Doctor of Hastings, MI, business emergency glass repair include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Window replacements and repairs
  • Glass cleaning
  • Window boarding
  • Glass door repairs

Advance Measurement

Be proactive instead of reactive with our Advance Measurement. This program helps your business be prepared for glass breaks, in addition to an existing emergency preparedness plan, and makes business emergency glass repair services faster.

When you participate in the Advance Measurement program, a glass specialist will visit your business at a time that’s convenient for you to inspect the glass, take expert measurements and make notes about the different types of glass throughout the property. The specialist then uses the notes and measurements to create a custom diagram of the commercial property that identifies each window or glass piece with a different number. Glass Doctor of Hastings, MI, keeps the notes and the diagram in your file and you’ll receive a copy of the diagram for your own records. Pre-measuring the windows and other glass pieces speeds up the repair process because it eliminates a step when you need a standard or business emergency glass repair.

When a window or glass breaks at your business, all you have to do is call our team and identify the broken pane using the provided diagram. We’ll immediately verify if we have the respective pane in stock. If we do not, a specialist will create what you need or place an order.

When we have pane needed in stock, our glass specialists generally complete the repair in one visit. Another way to speed up the repair process is to allow us to keep your credit information securely on file.

In-Stock Replacements

Guarantee that the glass that you may need in the future is readily available with our in-stock replacement program. This program is ideal when glass often breaks at your property, you’ll need certain panes immediately repaired if they break, or glass is in a location that makes it more vulnerable to breaks.

In this program, we’ll keep the glass panes that you identify in a storage area. This eliminates any concerns that you may have in the future about a pane’s availability or having to wait for it to arrive when there’s an emergency.

Commercial Care Program for Hastings-Area Businesses

As a locally owned and operated business, Glass Doctor of Hastings, MI, knows that every penny counts. This is why we extend the Commercial Care program to business owners in Hastings and the surrounding area. Members receive exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Priority business emergency glass repair services
  • Discounts on repairs, installations and products
  • Enrollment in the in-stock and Advance Measurement programs
  • Dedicated local and national commercial accounts
  • Discounts on auto glass repairs for fleet vehicles

Whenever glass breaks, it’s always a good time to call Glass Doctor of Hastings, MI, for a business emergency glass repair. Let us fix your panes today.