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Door Closer Repair Service

Your company's door closer works hard every day. As an active business owner, you might overlook your entryway until something goes wrong, requiring prompt door closer repair. If the door begins to creak and groan or closes too quickly for customer comfort, let Glass Doctor® of Hastings, MI, restore your door closer mechanism to proper function. We also provide regular professional maintenance, so that you never compromise your customer experience.

Operation of Manual Door Closers

Ideally, your door closer should welcome customers by allowing them to enter your office or store easily. The weight of the door should be evident when initially pushed or pulled open, with the right amount of gentle push back or resistance. It should then glide gracefully open until the visitor releases it, then the door closer spring exerts minor force to close the door softly. If your closer acts outside these parameters, it's time for door closer repair.

Door Closer Troubleshooting and Expert Repair

Incompatible door closers: If you have a heavyweight door, a closer with hefty springs should have been installed with it. The wrong type of door closer creates safety issues for employees and customers alike. Incorrectly matched doors and closers may also damage each other or your doorframe and lock.

Improper door or closer installation and care: Regular professional door closer care prevents problems like sudden, unpredictable door movement, risk of injury, or incomplete closure due to damaged or unaligned door components.

Oil leaks and seal repairs: Low oil from a seal leak, failed o-ring or lost screw cause doorframe gaps and equipment damage as lubrication decreases. Doors may snap open or close too quickly, risking personal injury or property damage.

Lock malfunctions: When your door is hard to lock, it creates a risk of theft or other crime. Lock problems may also damage the door closer and frame. Fixing these issues may be as simple as replacing the mechanism or as difficult as realigning the door.

Maintaining the Door Closer

Proper, professional door closer repair and maintenance ensures your entry door warranty remains in force. At Glass Doctor of Hastings, MI, we are experts in maintaining, installing and repairing door closers for the safety and comfort of your customers. Out training, equipment and responsiveness are second to none. We also repair related door components like the frame, glass and hinges.

Be sure to hire only experienced door closer repair specialists to keep your front entry door in excellent working condition. We want to ensure you make a great impression on every customer that walks through the door. When your door closer needs attention, we offer prompt, emergency response. Contact us today for door closer repair or to schedule an onsite consultation.

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