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Custom Mirrors

Choosing the right glass decor is the key to getting the most out of your living space. Custom mirrors offer unlimited potential, revitalizing any room and making the space more aesthetically appealing. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Hastings, MI, have years of experience providing local homeowners with unique custom glass creations and expert home decorating advice. Call on our expertise to create a custom mirror for your home.

The Varied Benefits of Mirrors

Choosing to add a mirror to any room will lighten, deepen and embellish the space. We know the best mirrors to use to achieve each of these features. During our consultation, we will determine which benefit you seek and the best use of the space.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Situating mirrors in the right spot will open up the room, making an otherwise enclosed area appear much more spacious and inviting. Mirrors reflect the ceiling and walls as well as natural light from windows, which works wonders in small rooms and tight hallways. You can also use tiled or framed mirrors to highlight the architectural contours of your home. These mirrors are great for opening up your space:

  • Mirrored wall: Make a short or narrow hallway appear much more grand.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Create a feeling of depth in the kitchen.
  • Statement mirrors: Drawing the eye to the center of a space will make the room feel bigger.

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

Emphasize your home's existing decor with unique custom mirrors. We cut our mirrors to your exact specifications, with a variety of frames, finishes, tints and edges to match your existing style. When we install the pieces, they seamlessly add to your space. We recommend clients try these pieces throughout their home:

  • Mirrored shelves: Enjoy a panoramic view of sculptures, collectibles and other art pieces.
  • Hanging mirrors:
  • Direct natural light toward your favorite artwork or create an accent piece.
    • Framed leaning mirrors: Add a large piece to a room to increase the overall design.

    Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

    Mirrors spread light from windows and interior fixtures, brightening rooms that might otherwise seem dim and uninviting. Light influence the atmosphere of every room. To make a room more energized, add more light. Soften the light to create a cozy environment. We recommend these mirrors to light dark places:

    • Bedroom mirrors: Bring more light inside to create a more vibrant, lively bedroom area.
    • Mounted mirrors: Amplify the illumination from desk lamps or mounted lanterns, especially in home offices and basement areas.

    Mirrors Made to Impress

    The larger the mirror the more pronounced the benefits. Our specialists will custom cut and install full-length mirrors in a variety of styles to enhance your space. Consider adding these grand mirrors to make a bigger statement:

    • Framed mirrors: In your master bath, a giant mirror over a two-sink counter will add depth, brighten the space. Framing this oversized piece makes the piece look finished.
    • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Place in an closet or bedroom to gain a top-to-bottom overview of your attire.

    The custom mirror experts at Glass Doctor of Hastings, MI, are dedicated to creating unique glass decor that matches your style and personality. Contact us today for a free consultation that includes detailed measurements, expert decorating advice and all help you need to choose the perfect custom mirror to make any room more inviting.

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