Storefront Doors

The quality of your establishment's storefront is key to making a good first impression. Proper storefront care is vital to gaining and retaining your customers. When you need to repair or replace your business' glass windows and doors, Glass Doctor® of Northeast Michigan will revitalize your storefront to make it look its best again, quickly and professionally.

Storefront Doors

In addition to storefront care, our glass specialists provide you with a variety of decorative glass doors and other decor options. These create a customized, memorable ambiance for your customers, and add to your business' unique style. We'll also add your company name, logo, hours of operation and address to your window or door.

We give our clients the option of installing fire-resistant, tempered and bulletproof glass. If your business operates in a region that's prone to severe weather, we protect your business, stock and employees with impact safety glass.

Security Film

Security film is a perfect way to add an additional layer of protection to existing glass windows and doors. This tear-resistant film allows sunlight to enter into your business, but its sturdy construction shields glass from damage. In the unlikely event the pane does break, it will separate into large safe chunks rather than shards. This simple storefront care option protects your storefront from dangerous weather, vandals and thieves.

Around the Clock Emergency Services

No one knows when disaster could strike your business. We respect the needs of your busy schedule, and provide your business with 24/7 emergency maintenance. If your glass windows, doors or other decor break, contact us and we'll board up the damaged area. We'll sweep up any dangerous shards, and make a follow-up appointment to install new glass at a time that's convenient for your schedule.

When your glass breaks, take urgent action to get your business' storefront looking its best again. Contact us today to restore your storefront, remodel your exterior or protect your business from future damage.