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Door Closer Repair Service

Your storefront is a billboard, first line of defense and initial customer interaction all rolled into one. If the door is difficult to open and close, you compromise these qualities. Glass Doctor® of Northeast Michigan will ensure your commercial doors operate safely, which will ultimately make your business better.


How Door Closers Function

A manual door closer allows users to open the door with ease. The way it works is fairly straightforward, when a user pushes the door open, they'll feel a slight resistance. This resistance will give way after a brief second, allowing the door to glide open. The user does not have to worry about closing the door behind them as the door will gently return to the frame once pressure is no longer applied to the door.

Door Closer Repair

Our specialists at Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan have the extensive training required to provide professional door closer repair services. We will make sure that your door closers remain in good working condition and are safe to use. We will also provide you assistance in regards to glass repairs, doors, hinges, door hardware and thresholds.

Incorrect closer: Using the wrong type of door closer can lead to some problems, including misalignments, safety risks and damage to the door closer and the door itself. The right type of door closer depends on how heavy the door is. The more massive the door is, the stronger the door closer needs to be.

Improperly installed and adjusted closers: Our specialists are given access to the proper tools required to install and maintain your door closers. Our training and instruments ensure your door closers will last a long time and will remain in good working condition, as well. A specialist that has the experience needed to install and maintain a door closer will prevent:

  • Damage to your doorframes
  • Unexpected or abnormal movements of your doors
  • Misalignment of your doors

A gap in your seals exposes the interior mechanisms to the elements. The exposure will cause the pieces to wear more quickly. Broken seals can cause:

  • The exposure of clearance gaps
  • The vulnerability of your hardware

Lubricant leaks: Our specialists will replace your door closer's oil to ensure that it's properly lubricated. A lack of lubrication will cause the doors to open or close too fast, which could cause damage to the door or injuries to the user. Oil leaks indicate mechanical issues, such as:

  • Missing screws
  • Failed seals
  • Broken O-rings

Unlockable doorways: No business should allow their entrance to be compromised by a difficult door lock. A door that won't lock properly will result in a security threat to your business. Not to mention that a difficult-to-lock door also affects the condition of your doorframe, the door closer and the locking mechanism.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If you are having issues with your door closer, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Trying to fix a door closer under warranty without proper training voids the guarantee. Instead, call on our team to restore or replace your door closer. For information about our door closer repair and maintenance program, speak to one of our specialists by contacting us at Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan today.

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