Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Finding the perfect furniture in a retail shop can be a taxing undertaking. Often pieces don't match your exact needs, style and budget. You must compromise to find a piece that works in your space. Instead of bending to suit the market, work with Glass Doctor® of Grosse Pointe, MI, to make furniture fitted to your space! Adding glass tabletops and shelves will bring light and sophistication to any room. We create custom glass tabletops and shelves especially made for your home.

Functional Glass Decor

New glass tabletops will update your decor and add functional space. We make each piece to suit your particular room, so you may opt to change the glass type, thickness, tint and finishes. One of our experts will discuss your options during an in-home consultation. The final product will fit your tastes and space. We also make tabletops to protect vintage pieces. Our addition will keep your antique table or bar top in good repair, a glass topper shields wood from staining and wear. When choosing your design, consider the various protective features you might embed in the glass. Opting for tinted glass is a great way to add dimension and help block harmful UV rays that cause your carpets, drapes and other furniture to fade over time. Safety glass is a great option for outdoor applications; we recommend laminated or tempered glass for indoor designs. Laminated and tempered panes are designed to break into safe, manageable chunks that will prevent injury. We create pieces based off of your design ideas, so you are guaranteed to be pleased with the final product.

Graphic of different glass edges

Add Dimension with Custom Shelving

If you really want to add an impressive focal point to a room, custom glass shelving is a great option. It provides a level of style and taste that simply can't be replicated with store bought models. Custom shelving will organize your valuable possessions, eliminate clutter and make your home more functional. These additions work well in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, but can be added to any space in your home. Choose from a wide variety of modern options that reflect your personal taste and create eye-catching shelving. Highlight art, collectibles or family portraits. While custom glass shelving is beautiful, ultimately it is a practical addition; flat walls gain depth and storage is amplified. Our team will measure your space and the pieces you want to display to ensure a perfect fit. Careful measurements ensure small spaces aren't wasted.

Create Custom Glass Decor Today

Ultimately, when you work with our experts, the options for custom glass tabletops, shelving and other glass projects are limitless. In addition to tables and shelves, we offer residents the option to add glass shower doors and mirrors to their homes. These custom glass decor embellishments fill your home with beauty and light. Call us today to schedule an in-home consultation and start your next decorative home project.