Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror is a terrific addition to your home or office; best of all, it is more affordable than you think. In addition to auto and commercial glass care, Glass Doctor® of Grosse Pointe, MI, employs glass interior design specialists. Our team will use custom mirrors to create the look and feel you want throughout your home.

Mirrors Improve Every Room

The best advantage to adding a custom mirror is the brightening effect. A good mirror will make a dark space brighter, and a small space appears larger. No matter what your decor, mirrors can add a contemporary look to every room. It's especially artful to include an upscale, frameless wall mirror in a room focusing on antiques. The latest trend is incorporating mirrors into kitchen design; as you prep meals with your back to the room, a well-placed mirror can give you a feeling of inclusiveness.

Adding the Illusion of Space

When you strategically place a custom mirror in any interior, the visual space is expanded. Cramped hallways and rooms can appear inviting and appealing when you use natural or location lighting to create a more luminous effect. Some of the best custom mirror uses include:

  • Mirrored walls in hallways, dining rooms: Whole-wall mirrors magnify an area with sophistication.
  • Kitchen backsplash: Tiny kitchens appear roomier.
  • Statement mirrors: Fireplace or bedroom framed mirrors can be custom-designed.
  • Accentuation: Collectibles, art and antique pieces can have their placement defined and become a focal point with a nearby custom mirror.

Decorative Mirrors

You can enhance your decor with well-placed mirrors. In addition to creating the illusion of more square footage per room, mirrors offer a decorative enhancement like nothing else. One way to add space as well as redirect sunlight or artificial lighting is to create a wall grouping of mirrors. The frames can be matching, and the sizes can be assorted or matching, but the effect is classic.

  • Shelving: Glass and mirror shelving units can be created to your exact specifications for necessary height and width between shelves to display collectibles and art.
  • Hanging wall mirrors: Lighting can be maximized with the addition of frameless or framed mirrors that accentuate your design theme.
  • Tabletops: If children are near, you'll want a safety film atop your mirrored table; it can be tastefully clear or slightly tinted.

Functionality Defined with Mirrors

A walk-in closet becomes the perfect dressing room when you add a full-length custom mirror. In offices, a full-length wall mirror allows clients and staff a last-minute check that assures them they're looking their best. Other areas where mirrors provide form and function include:

  • Backdoor mirror: Just one quick glance before you leave ensures you look your best for the day ahead.
  • Office or conference room mirror: When well placed, a meeting room mirror sends signals of style and good taste to business associates.

Your Source for Custom Mirrors

Restoring an antique frame not only gives you a new mirror, but it also becomes a family heirloom for generations. Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI, works to preserve and create your favorite pieces. We serve residents of Detroit, Grosse Point, Wayne County, and nearby neighborhoods with the kind of quality and care you'd expect from a local business. Call 313-334-4523 or contact one of our interior design specialists to discuss how custom mirrors can enhance your space.