Emergency Business Glass Services

A great first impression is priceless. Send the right message to your current and prospective customers with beautiful storefront and glass features that always look welcoming. When the unexpected happens and glass breaks, immediately take care of the incident with the emergency glass repair services from Glass Doctor® of Greeley. Our glass specialists are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to establish your property’s security and minimize the impact of broken panes.

Emergency Glass Repair for Greeley Businesses

Resume normal business operations as soon as possible by contacting Glass Doctor of Greeley as soon as glass breaks or you notice an impact in any of the property’s panes. If the break happens outside of normal business hours, don’t panic. Glass specialists are available after-hours and on the weekends for virtually any emergency glass repair. We work quickly to repair and replace broken panes, so your customers and employees stay safe, the property remains secure, and worker productivity has minimal impacts.

At Glass Doctor of Greeley, our commercial emergency glass repairs include services, such as:

  • Window boarding
  • Glass cleaning and disposal
  • Window repairs and replacement
  • Glass door repairs
  • Display case repairs

Quick Emergency Glass Repair Service

Complement your business’ disaster recovery plan with our Advance Measurement® system. By enrolling, you’ll experience faster emergency glass repairs.

Upon signing up for Advance Measurement, a glass specialist will visit your property to inspect and measure all the glass. With the notes he took, the specialist then creates a diagram of the building, using numbers to identify the different glass pieces and their location. Glass Doctor of Greeley saves a copy of the diagram in your file and you receive a copy for your records.

If glass breaks, call Glass Doctor of Greeley and use the diagram to let us know which panes need repair. Since we’ll already have the respective measurements on file, our glass specialists will immediately order replacements. Be sure to let us know if you’d like us to clean the broken glass or board broken windows. If we have the pane stock, you’ll experience faster glass repairs.

In-Stock Replacement Program

The only way that Glass Doctor of Greeley can guarantee that the pane you will need is available is with your participation in the in-stock replacement program. This program is ideal if you have panes that are vulnerable to breaks or glass items that would interrupt business if broken. When you participate, we’ll stock the panes that you specify in our shop, ensuring that they’re available when you need an emergency glass repair. When Greeley businesses participate in the in- stock replacement program, glass specialists complete repairs in as little as one visit.

Commercial Care for Greeley Businesses

Glass Doctor of Greeley is locally owned and operated. We invite area businesses to participate in our Commercial Care program to deliver exclusive savings and benefits to loyal customers. When you enroll, you gain access to:

  • A commercial account, including national accounts
  • Priority scheduling for all services, including emergency glass repair
  • Discounted window boarding services
  • Membership pricing on products and services
  • Discounts on auto glass services for commercial fleets

Don’t let broken glass be an eyesore that turns away business. Contact Glass Doctor of Greeley at any time of the day for any of your emergency glass repair needs.