Door Closer Repair Service

When your entryway door opens smoothly and closes quietly, it presents a gracious first impression that welcomes your clients and business associates. At Glass Doctor¨ of Greeley, we understand when a door sticks or is difficult to open or close, it frustrates your customers and may cause injuries. Your door is important to your business image. We offer essential door closer care services that keep your entryway well-maintained and operating smoothly.

How Door Closers Work

Your door closer is a simple mechanism that allows anyone to easily open a heavy door. It has a closer spring, which quietly returns your door back to its closed position. A worn or malfunctioning closer forces your customers to push harder and may cause hesitation or unexpected shifts in movement while opening or closing.

Door Closer Repair

We provide expert door closer care services to keep your door operating efficiently. We install new closers. We also inspect your existing closers, identify maintenance issues, repair adverse conditions and provide ongoing service. Count on our team to successfully restore your door.

  • Incorrect door closers: Your heaviest door opens and closes easily when your closer is properly installed and strong enough to handle the workload. When your door closer is too lightweight or not a good fit, your door won't operate the way it should.
  • Improperly installed door closers: You choose your doors to enhance the beauty, safety and security of your business. A poorly installed door closer causes problems with all of these issues. It can also cause doorframe damage, door misalignment and other difficulties.
  • Worn seals and lubricant leaks: Door closers require regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Worn or damaged seals cause gaps and lubricant leaks. Screws loosen and O-rings wear out. If these simple maintenance issues are not resolved, they lead to erratic door movements which cause safety issues.
  • Locking difficulties: When your locks don't work properly, it will put your building and products at risk. If locking problems remain unresolved and you must force your locks into place each night, you can damage your doors or doorframes.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Our specialists receive the comprehensive training necessary to handle a wide range of commercial door closer care services. We do the work professionally so as not to jeopardize your warranty. We install, repair, and maintain your door closers. We also install new door frames, hinges, thresholds and door glass. As with any of our services, we use only quality parts and specialized tools. Count on our team to maintain your door, threshold and fixtures.

Schedule A Consultation

At Glass Doctor or Greeley, we believe it's important to keep your door closers operating smoothly, so we make the process easy. Simply visit our appointment page to schedule your consultation or call (970) 616-3100 for more information.