Windshield Replacement & Repair in Great Falls, MT

When your windshield becomes damaged or shatters, receiving professional repair immediately should be your primary concern. You will drive your restored vehicle with confidence when you choose Glass Doctor® of Great Falls, MT as your partner in repair. Our qualified specialists can fill most chips in glass onsite, although any damage extending more than three inches in length will warrant replacement of the windshield altogether.

windsheild repair

In order to determine if your windshield requires replacement or repair, a number of factors are evaluated:

  • Location: Cracks along the edge of the windshield spell trouble for vehicle owners. We often recommend replacement, as this type of damage tends to spread across a windshield, affecting the edge seal. Windshield damage that interferes with your view of the road will require replacement service because the repair leaves a blurred area that may distract drivers.
  • Size: The majority of chips in the glass exceeding 3/8 of an inch will require replacement of the windshield. Cracks that are larger than three inches are also too big to simply be repaired.
  • Time Span: The longer you neglect having windshield repair conducted, the more extensive the damage will become. Eventually, this will make it virtually impossible to perform a successful repair.

Glass Doctor of Great Falls works with all major auto insurance providers and we will even complete the paperwork so you don't have to. However, it's recommended to contact your insurance agent to ensure your windshield replacement or repair is covered.

A small crack will easily grow in size, posing a significant risk to your loved ones. Get in touch with Glass Doctor today and allow our glass specialists to perform all necessary repairs or replacements to your windshield.

Windshield Repair in Great Falls

Whenever possible, windshield repair is conducted; it is an excellent, affordable alternative to installing a completely new windshield. In contrast to windshield replacement, windshield repair is much less expensive. Plus, a vast majority of windshield repair services are completed in less than an hour at a location convenient for you.

We always opt to perform repairs because of the environmental impact and insurance benefits you will receive. All broken windshields end up in a landfill where they stay for decades. Repairing your windshield helps the environment. Since windshield repair is more cost-effective than replacement, most auto insurance providers are more than happy to waive the deductible completely.

Glass Doctor will thoroughly clean the damaged portion of your windshield and remove dirt or debris. Then resin is injected into the affected area of the glass. Once the resin has cured completely, the area is carefully polished to a smooth, clean finish.

Windshield Replacement in Great Falls, MT

It's highly recommended to perform windshield replacement as soon as possible. A vehicle's crash safety system is heavily dependent upon the strength of the windshield and this is especially true in incidents like a rollover. When replacing your windshield, our team of glass specialists always follow a strict set of protocols established by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC).

Our materials meet or exceed the AGSC requirements, which means the windshields used are equivalent to the Original Equipment Equivalent's (OEE) quality. The windshield is removed with great care to ensure no damage is done to the bonding surface. Damage like this will lead to corrosion or leaks. After careful installation, your vehicle rests for one hour while the adhesive sets. While you wait, we discuss the various protection options. Glass Doctor of Great Falls includes a Windshield Protection Plan with every installation. This guarantee protects your new windshield for up to 12 months, and if your windshield encounters damage, our glass specialists will perform repairs free of charge. Likewise, if your windshield needs to be replaced again, Glass Doctor of Great Falls will do this for free as well. You can upgrade your coverage to include labor costs as well as windshield accessories, such as wiper blades and our Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant.

Protect yourself and your passengers with quality auto glass care in Great Falls. Schedule your appointment with a Glass Doctor of Great Falls specialist today!