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Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ is the ideal glass treatment product for your home or office. The trained glass experts from Glass Doctor® of Fort Myers are knowledgable about protecting glass investments and will help advise you on the many benefits of this special glass treatment product.

Uses for Clear Choice

Clear Choice works wonders on a variety of surfaces, including the following:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Windows
  • Countertops
  • Glass shower doors
  • Glass tub enclosures
  • Glass tabletops

Because this glass treatment can work on a variety of surfaces including stone surfaces, glass surfaces, tile and porcelain, the applications are nearly limitless. Use Clear Choice to give your mud room countertops a new layer of protection. Apply a single coat to your windows to keep weathering from stealing your curb appeal. Add this glass treatment marvel to your floors to get a one-of-a-kind sheen.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Glass Doctor of Fort Myers specialists often recommend this glass treatment option for the following reasons:

  • Better maintenance: Clear Choice provides a better way to maintain your glass, stone and tile surfaces. It is a professionally applied system that helps protect your surfaces by making them resistant to scratches, stains and water. A single application creates a protective barrier that lasts up to five years. It helps prevent water stains and other waste products from accumulating on your surfaces. Additionally, Clear Choice makes your surfaces impact resistant so that you can protect your investment and the finishings you have chosen.
  • Fewer cleanings: Often to keep windows, countertops, floors and other surfaces clean, homeowners must commit to hours of back-breaking work. Our Clear Choice protectant helps keep your surfaces clean by making them water and oil repellent. This allows you to avoid some nasty grime, such as:
    • Hard water stains
    • Soap scum
    • Mineral deposits
    • Environmental pollutants

Contact one of our skilled glass specialists to learn more about the vast benefits of this amazing product:

  • More sanitary condition: Due to the ability to guard your surfaces from harmful mold, bacteria and water buildup, surfaces that have a coating of Clear Choice protectant on them are more sanitary than untreated surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly: Clear Choice avoids the use of harsh chemical cleaners, making it a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Better appearance: Clear Choice gives your surfaces an elegant, glossy appearance, adding to their visual appeal.

Count on Professional Service

Keep the surfaces of your home or business beautiful with this revolutionary protectant. A brief visit from a specialist of Glass Doctor of Fort Myers has the ability to provide a significant impact on your surfaces. Call today to schedule a free in-home consultation with a professional glass specialist.