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Double Pane Windows

One of the simplest and cost-effective ways to control the climate in your home is energy efficiency. Each year, most of the energy consumed in your home is through heating and cooling the space. A home will experience different temperature changes throughout the year, which can change the stability of the sealant on the double pane windows. Improperly sealed windows can cause heat and air to leak out. Glass Doctor® of Fort Myers offers insulated glass replacement. We promise to deliver:

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Benefits of Modern Windows

double pane window

An insulated double pane window keeps the air inside the home, controlling the interior climate, which is cost and energy effective for the homeowner. With an insulated glass unit (IGU), a double or triple pane window, from Glass Doctor of Fort Myers, heat transmission is reduced keeping the interior of the home at a consistent climate. This will allow the central air unit to be used less.

The build of an IGU is the secret to its benefits. These windows have two or more panes of glass held in place with an insulated spacer and a top-of-the-line sealant. For additional insulation support, krypton and argon gas can be added.

Window Glass Replacement

Double pane window replacement includes fixing seals showing signs of cracks or breaks, which often results in condensation accumulation between the panes. Windows show that signs of condensation, panes with cracks or rattling glass, have seal failure. When the seals fail, the vacuum between the panes is lost, along with any special gasses that may have been used during their construction. As a result, the windows may look cloudy, making it hard to see out, and an HVAC unit must compensate for the lost efficiency.

Our trained specialists strive to provide quality double pane window services in a timely manner at a price you can afford. We will replace just the glass in the panes, which is a more cost-effective option. If you want a total window replacement, including the case, we offer the service too.

For more information on double pane window services for your home, contact Glass Doctor of Fort Myers today.

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