Windshield Repair and Replacement

A damaged windshield is enough to bring your travel to a screeching halt. You need to get your vehicle back on the road quickly, and you're probably wondering if windshield replacement or repair is necessary. At Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins, we make it our mission to save our customers time and money by repairing windshields rather than replacing them whenever possible. If your damage is severe, we will conduct a premium replacement service to restore your vehicle.

Our specialists consider several factors to help you decide if windshield replacement or repair is your best option:

  • Size: We can almost always repair windshields with cracks shorter than three inches or chips smaller than 3/8 inch. Windshields with more serious damage must be replaced.
  • Location: Splintering cracks near the edge of a windshield often warrant replacement because they tend to spread. Windshields with damage directly in the driver's line of vision must also be replaced because the repair sometimes leaves a slight outline that may impair the driver's vision.
  • Timespan: If chips and cracks are left unaddressed for a long time, dirt builds up in the damaged area, making repairs difficult. This is one reason why damaged windshields should be attended to as quickly as possible.

Glass Doctor of Fort Collins will file any insurance paperwork for you in an effort to ease any hassle associated with auto glass work. We work with all major carriers in the Fort Collins area. We advise all our customers to verify coverage with your agent before bringing your vehicle to our team for windshield replacement or repair.

Windshield Repair

When you bring your vehicle to Glass Doctor of Fort Collins for windshield repair, our specialists will conduct the service following the Auto Glass Safety Council's (AGSC) standards. We remove debris from the damaged area and then inject a special resin into the cracked or chipped part of your windshield. After the resin is applied, we allow it to cure and then polish it to a clear finish. Windshield repair is a considerably more economical option than windshield replacement, and we recommend it whenever possible for several reasons:

  • Convenience: Out specialists usually complete windshield repairs in under an hour.
  • Inexpensive: It costs much less to repair a windshield than replace it.
  • Insurance Advantages: Because of the money-saving benefits, your insurance company may waive your deductible and pay the cost of the repair for you.
  • Environmentally Responsible: By repairing rather than replacing your windshield, we are able to keep used glass from ending up in a landfill.

Windshield Replacement

A windshield is an invaluable safety component, accounting for up to 60% of a vehicle's structural support in a rollover accident, according to the AGSC. When your windshield is severely damaged, timely replacement is absolutely essential. Our team ensures the proper replacement of your windshield by following a rigorous set of steps:

  • We carefully remove the old windshield to avoid damage to the bonding surface that can cause corrosion and leaks.
  • Our specialists select a new windshield matching the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality, and install it using only AGSC-approved adhesives and procedures.
  • We allow the recommended one-hour drive-away time so that the adhesive can cure completely. This ensures better safety and a longer lifespan for your new windshield.
  • You receive the benefits of our Windshield Protection Plan. If your new windshield sustains any damage within 12 months, we will repair or replace the glass free of charge.

At Glass Doctor of Fort Collins, we are committed to making sure a cracked or chipped windshield never threatens your safety. Contact us today, and let our team of auto glass specialists takes care of your windshield replacement and repair needs.