Advance Measurement System

Be prepared for your next glass emergency with the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins. As part of your proactive glass care plan, the Advance Measurement system ensures your business never suffers from broken panes for extended periods.

How the Advance Measurement System Works

When you opt for our Advance Measurement system, our experienced glass specialists will perform professional measurements of every pane in your facility. They will create an easy-to-read, numbered diagram which maps out the location of the glass for your reference. Our experts will also develop a file for our use that includes the location of your panes as well as the type of glass needed for each location. When you experience glass damage, our cross-referencing system enables us to identify your glass needs instantly. We will arrive with the correct panes, effectively eliminating the need for return.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Glass Doctor of Fort Collins understands the urgency associated with damaged glass in your business. Our rapid response team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure you receive the fastest emergency service possible. Simply report the number of your damaged pane from the diagram we provide and we will compare it with the glass we have in stock. If the glass is in stock, our specialists will promptly replace your broken pane in a single trip- saving you the hassle and expense of board-ups and multiple service calls. If the glass you need is not immediately available, we will order it right away and secure your business with a temporary board-up until it arrives.

In-Stock Options

Enhance your proactive glass care plan by pre-ordering glass that frequently needs to be replaced. When you opt for our in-stock services, we will guarantee your panes are available for immediate replacement anytime disaster strikes.

The Benefits of Our Advance Measurement System

  • Savings: Single-trip replacement saves time and money
  • Efficiency: Your business operations go uninterrupted
  • Liability: Reduced risk of injuries
  • Fewer board-ups: Maintain a favorable store appearance while keeping your business protected from vandalism and theft

Contact Glass Doctor of Fort Collins today to include our Advance Measurement system in your proactive glass care plan.