Double Pane Windows

Seasonal changes and extreme weather events can put stress on your home’s windows. What you may not realize is the important role windows play in keeping your home running efficiently. Windows tend to exchange energy, causing your home’s temperature to dip and spike. If you have poorly sealed windows, you could be unnecessarily experiencing an uncomfortable indoor environment and high utility bills.

Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins provides a selection of insulated glass units (IGUs) that will help regulate your home’s temperature and create a more comfortable and energy efficient environment. If you already have IGUs installed in your Fort Collin’s home, broken and worn seals can create a variety of problems. Condensation and a milky appearance are sure signs that your windows have bad seals that are not allowing your windows to perform properly.

Insulated Glass Design

double pane window

Insulated glass is a unique product that optimizes energy efficiency in both warm and cold weather. During the cold winter months, IGUs will reduce heat transmittance and ensure that your home stays warm. When the summer heat sets in, IGUs work to keep the heat outside. Ultimately, this means less stress on your heating and air conditioning system and lower utility bills.

Each IGU is constructed using at least two pieces of high-quality glass that are separated by an insulated spacer. Depending on the product, the spacer will be filled with either a moisture absorbing material called desiccant or a warm-edge glass super spacer. In addition to providing an extra layer of insulation, the spacer also acts as a powerful sealant.

As a final touch, the entire window unit is sealed with a high-grade sealant that meets industry standards for strength and performance. This sealant prevents condensation from building between the panes, which will limit the effectiveness of your windows.

Insulated Glass Replacement

In addition to window installation projects, Glass Doctor of Fort Collins also specializes in double pane window replacement. If you are experiencing the sure signs of broken seals, you may not have to replace the entire window. This affordable service allows us to insert insulated glass replacements in your existing frames.

To learn more about our insulated glass units and our double pane window replacement services, call today!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.