Industry Glass Solutions

Local businesses throughout the Fort Collins area have come to rely on Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins for all their commercial glass repair needs. We offer local businesses all the benefits of our exclusive Commercial Care program to enhance our care. Members enjoy 24/7 emergency service and discounts on all work performed. Whether you need commercial glass repair, replacement or remodeling, our team is always ready to provide assistance. No matter your industry, Glass Doctor of Fort Collins will make sure broken panes never sideline your business.

Business Glass Care in Fort Collins

Apartments and Condominiums

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Fort Collins will keep your apartment complex looking sharp. Anytime a window, mirror or sliding patio door is broken, all you have to do is call our team. We also offer a full line of glass and mirror products that are perfectly suited for on-site facilities like gyms and showers. For areas that see repeated glass damage, consider our safety glass options. As an additional bonus, you can offer your residents a 15% discount on auto glass work if you join our Commercial Care program.

apartment windows


Between offering great food and friendly service, you've got a lot on your plate as it is. So let the experts at Glass Doctor on Fort Collins worry about the ambiance and decor in your establishment. We offer a number of products specifically designed to keep your restaurant running smoothly, from sliding drive-through windows to buffet sneeze guards. If you have an outdoor seating area, be sure to ask our team about outdoor glass solutions like glass patio tables, windbreaks, partitions and safety glass.

Schools and Universities

Rely on Glass Doctor of Fort Collins specialists to create safe and welcoming office, classroom and common areas for your school. Glass tabletops and desktops are ideal for classrooms and offices alike, and we offer 24/7 repair on classroom windows and doors. Our specialists also create hard to find glass items for science laboratories. And don't forget to ask a specialist about display case options to show off your students' achievements. Needless to say, safety is paramount in schools and universities, and we help keep your students and faculty safe with fire-resistant glass and security film.


A broken window can bring any business to a halt, but nowhere is this more important than in retail stores. Our team will fix broken glass in your establishment any time, day or night, and we offer a number of products to prevent future damage and deter would-be vandals and burglars. Window tinting and security film are among our most popular options among local retailers, providing the benefits of improved security and energy savings along with a stylish appearance. If glass in your store needs frequent repairs, take advantage of our Advance Measurement system to ensure that the glass you need is always in stock.

Hotels and Motels

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the unique glass decor from Glass Doctor of Fort Collins. From custom frameless shower doors and tub enclosures to glass tabletops and shelves, our decor melds form and function to make any overnight stay a comfortable and luxurious experience. Ask a specialist about glass options for pools and workout centers, which focus on safety without compromising style.

Cities and Municipalities

Quick and professional commercial glass repair will help keep your city or municipality running smoothly. We also provide services to increase efficiency and save your city money, opt to retrofit buildings with low-maintenance and low-energy windows and doors to cut down on energy and maintenance costs. We want every government building operating in good repair, so call our team if door closers seem out of alignment or in need of service.

Whether you need renovations or a whole new installation, our team is committed to providing the best glass services in the Fort Collins area.