Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Glass is an attractive and easy to maintain material. When placed on treasured wood tables or shelves, the glass will preserve your furniture. Enlist Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins to restore, preserve and beautify your tabletops and shelves. Your rooms will come alive with clear, clean glass!

Glass Tabletops Rejuvenate Rooms

Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins specialists provide a consultation at your home or business to assess which glass decor additions best work in your space. The weight and type of glass depends on location and how the table will be used. A formal dining table requires a protective, smooth edged glass tabletop. You may prefer special types of glass to create a more dramatic effect. Our custom designs work outdoors, too. We recommend your patio furniture have protective film and tempered glass to prevent injury and withstand weather.

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom Shelving

If you’re building new, Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins will work with your architect to add glass shelving that will generate a display site or provide storage. You don’t have to make store-bought shelving fit into an existing space. Renovating your home might be as simple as adding custom glass shelving. You can create an entirely new look with affordable, custom cut glass shelves, and they organize your rooms with versatility and ambiance. The factors we consider for custom shelving are:

  • Color and tint options
  • Distance between shelves based on the number of shelves, height and configuration
  • Edging and design
  • How the shelves will be used

Glass Tinting

To add sophistication or a touch of whimsy, a custom tabletop can be subtly or boldly tinted; your customized furniture piece can gently blend into your current decor or pop with color! UV rays from the sun can damage your carpet and upholstery, so a special film coating can filter harmful UV rays while allowing sunlight to accent your room.

Strength and Safety with Customized Glass

Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins recommends tempered glass if you are concerned about protecting children and pets. The design of this glass will still create a style that enhances or even becomes a focal point of your room or outdoor space. All glass tabletops and shelving is custom-cut for a perfect fit.

Glass Doctor of Fort Collins

Custom tabletops or shelving affordably add elegance to your space, and will serve you and your family beautifully for many years. Our glass professionals at Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins live in Cheyenne, Fort Collins, Loveland and surrounding areas, so we are motivated to give our Larimer County neighbors the highest quality service and the best prices possible. We’re also eager to share information about decorating and lowering energy costs with glass!

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