Door Closer Repair Service in Edmonton, AB

Start every customer interaction smoothly with great looking, easy to open doors. Glass Doctor® of Edmonton knows you want to create an inviting experience for your customers. Doors that properly work are an important part of your company's brand image and safety. For doors that open smoothly every time, our specialists are trained in door closer repair and installation.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers make opening and closing doors easy and gentle. When a person pulls on the handle, the door closer resists slightly to let the user feel the weight of the door. Then the closer lets the door swing open. When the door is released, the arm catches the weight and guides it softly into the frame, protecting your doors and customers.

Door Closer Installation

For installation, our specialists are trained to select the right closer for your doors. We match the weight and dimensions of your doors. Heavier doors require stronger springs and arms to ensure proper function. When the right closers for your doors are selected, our team provides the expertise and tools to complete the installation properly. We adjust the alignment and spring. This attention to detail by our trained professionals assures the longevity of your door closer and minimizes maintenance requirements by:

  • Preventing doorframe damage
  • Preventing abnormal or unexpected door movement
  • Minimizing misalignments

Door Closer Repair

Any mechanical device experiences wear over time. Glass Doctor of Edmonton has maintenance programs that reduce the need for repair, and increase the lifespan of your door closer. When door closer repair is needed, our training keeps your warranty intact, while we get your doors swinging smoothly. To prevent damage or injury, give us a call if you experience:

  • Jerky door movements
  • Difficulty locking the doors
  • Noticeable fluid stains

Common Door Closer Issues

Broken seals and oil leaks: Seals and O-rings wear out, leading to breakage or gaps. Lubricant leaks often arise from a mechanical failure like a missing screw or deterioration of seals and O-rings. Our professionals replace seals and O-rings to close any clearance gaps to protect your closer. Then we'll replace the oil to make sure doors don't open or close too quickly, risking injury to your customers or your door.

Spring adjustment: Over time, the springs in your door closer will begin to stretch. Periodically, it is important to have a professional adjust the tension in your springs to keep your door swinging easily.

Door Services

The Glass Doctor of Edmonton team is extensively trained in every area of keeping your storefront open for business. In addition to door closer repair, maintenance and installation, we provide expert assistance on doorframes, hinges and other hardware. You can count on our expertise in creation, installation and repair of glass doors. We even offer 24-hour emergency repair, so you know your business is secure, day or night. Enhance your image and safety. Give Glass Doctor of Edmonton a call today to find out which door closer repair or maintenance plan is right for your business. Contact us today!