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Customer Testimonials

Our glass door was accidently broken late in the day and we called Glass Doctor [of Edmonton] for an estimate. Manan, the technician, cleaned up the mess and repaired the door in a couple hours, much quicker than I thought. We were able to lock up the store by 8pm, did not have to hire a security guard, and we werent charged extra for this emergency service. Hopefully, we won't need to do this again, but if we do we will call glass doctor. Thanks again Manan for a job well done!
- John B.

It was an Awesome experience having them work on my residential window. The price was really cheap compared to other glass shops.
- Emeke O.

First time I've tried glass Doctor [of Edmonton] and the service was excellent,friendly staff, and the price that I paid for a new windshield was much better than crystal glass and glass master. I highly recommend this place.
- Fadi

Great customer service. The window was ordered and installed extremely fast
- Kelsie H.

Excellent customer service, no long waiting for your order, best price plus warranty. It is great to have a such place that provide the service you need. I never go to any other place. great job, keep it up
- Khush S.

Best service ever! Glass Doctor [of Edmonton] did everything right. Everyone that I spoke to were friendly and professional. Glass Doctors are the masters of great customer service and workmanship!
- Katy S.

excellent service, very friendly staff, excellent costumer service. unbeatable package that no one offer, I would never go any where else. Because no one offers 1 year warranty on the glass.
- Abdul H.

Glass Doctor [of Edmonton] repaired my french doors and installed on time. I am totally satisfied with their work. Thanks Nayman!
- Ammad A.

Glass doctor [of Edmonton] changed the windows in my house a week ago, they are very friendly and most importantly the technicians are well disciplined. I loved their work, had a great experience with them, would definitely recommend to anyone.
- Andrew L.