Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Edmonton, AB

Being prepared is a key element in running a stress-free business. The more systems you can put into place, the smoother your business will run. Although preemptive glass care may not be on your radar, it's an essential tool when dealing with emergencies. One way to organize your glass care is to enroll in the Advance Measurement System with Glass Doctor® of Edmonton. Our specialists will prepare you for future breakage by assessing and creating a system that promotes proactive glass care.

How Proactive Glass Care Works

Call Glass Doctor of Edmonton to schedule an onsite evaluation. One of our specialists will arrive ready to evaluate and measure each piece of glass that could potentially need repair or replacement. Our glass professional will note every pane in your facility or store in a diagram and give it a corresponding number. Information on any safety glass code requirements will be added as well.

Faster Emergency Repairs

When glass cracks, breaks or major damage occurs due to a break-in, accident or extreme weather, call Glass Doctor of Edmonton day or night. Report the number of the pane affected and we’ll respond immediately. If we have the glass in stock, we’ll replace it in a single visit. If necessary, we’ll perform an emergency board-up and schedule a time to come back and complete the repair. By pre-establishing contact and credit information when you enroll in the Advance Measurement program, your services will be expedited further.

In-Stock Options

If you have problem panes that break frequently, our team can pre-order particular panes and keep them on hand. The In-Stock program assures replacement in a single visit.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Savings: Less visits mean lower costs.
  • Convenience: Keep business running smoothly no matter what happens with swift glass care services.
  • Liability: Avoid issues due to hazardous broken glass.
  • Security: Prevent weather and vandals from getting into your shop.
  • Image: Keep an attractive and welcoming appearance for customers and employees.
  • Credit: Avoid payment problems with pre-established credit information.

Keep your business stress-free and prepared for anything. Call Glass Doctor of Edmonton today to enroll in our Advance Measurement program!