Security Film

Security Film

Security film provides a simple and effective solution for those who need more protection than just glass for their employees or commercial properties. Security film not only provides an extra layer of protection, is cost-effective, and has energy-saving benefits, but can also improve the look of your building.

Enhanced Protection Benefits

This discrete film will help to discourage break-ins and theft by making it more difficult for criminals or thieves to get inside the building. Glass Doctor of Denton provides a film that is tear-resistant, meaning that it holds the glass together, delaying anyone who is attempting to get inside. If you wanted to increase privacy in certain areas of your business, you could use a tinted film for the windows in that area.

If you are in an area that frequently experiences severe weather, such as high winds or tornados, then this film will also benefit your business or commercial property. While this benefits your business in these cases, the film cannot take the place of hurricane shutters in the event of a strong tropical storm or wind-borne debris.

Energy Saving Benefits

The glare from the sun can cause headaches or annoyances throughout the day, but by installing security film, you can eliminate this. Window films allow natural light to fill a room, with some blocking out up to 97 percent of the sun’s infrared light and 99 percent of its ultraviolet rays. By having these reduced rays, you also gain the added benefits of:

  • Lower energy costs: By reducing the amount of sun glare that goes into your room, you can keep down the energy transfer and, therefore, the heat in your room. This lightens the load on your HVAC system. Some of our clients even see a dip in their energy bills!
  • Less discoloration and fading: With time, UV rays that hit any furniture, floorings, décor, paint, or other objects will start to fade. Security film blocks these harmful rays, so you don’t lose any unique décor over time.
  • Greater comfort: Because this film reduces energy transfer, it keeps areas of your home from heating up during the summer or areas getting cold during the winter. This advantage helps you to take back parts of the room that you were avoiding earlier.

Keeping Glass Strong

Glass Doctor of Denton has the goal of giving our customers many options of glass that will keep their building safe. One option to achieve this is heat-strengthened glass. This type of glass is cooled faster than regular or annealed glass. Because of this cooling process, heat-strengthened glass is about twice as strong as a glass of the same size and thickness. This strength makes it more resistant to wind loading or impacts. This glass is generally used in high-rise buildings to help the glass resist thermal stress, but it does not qualify as safety glazing material because the glass fractures into large jagged pieces. All building codes require safety glazing for shower doors, commercial doors, and storefront glass for safety purposes.

Safety Glass

Glass Doctor of Denton also provides a glass option designed to provide safety in case of a break. Safety glass is made for strength. This glass is specifically designed to be less likely to break or inflict injury when it does break. It is another option provided by Glass Doctor to protect people in case of a break. Glass Doctor of Denton provides several types of safety glass to best fit your needs.

Tempered Glass

Tempered safety glass is made by heating annealed glass uniformly and cooling rapidly by blowing air uniformly onto both surfaces simultaneously, a process known as air quenching. This process cools the glass quicker than heat-strengthened glass and makes tempered glass about four times stronger than regular glass of the same size and thickness. This glass can be between 1/8” and 3/4” thick and can resist the forces caused by heat, wind, and impact.

Laminate and Bullet-Resistant Glass

Glass Doctor of Denton also provides laminated and bullet-resistant safety glass. Laminated safety glass is made of two or more glass panes joined together by a layer of plastic. This process is another way of strengthening glass and is used for safety applications; however, this offers other benefits such as burglar resistance, sound reduction, and space enclosures.

Bullet-resistant safety glass is made by layering several layers of laminate glass with a polycarbonate material in between. The thicker the laminate glass, the higher impact it can withstand because the polycarbonate material absorbs the energy of a bullet.

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If you are looking for a way to add a layer of protection to either your home or business’ windows, then adding either security film or safety glass can be your best option. These choices are made with your safety and security in mind so that you feel more comfortable. Schedule an appointment online today or call us at (940) 312-7190 to learn more about how these options can benefit you.