Custom Glass Solutions

Custom glass decor looks wonderful, but installation and repair is not a project for amateurs. Glass Doctor® of Dearborn Heights, MI, specializes in glass installation and repair. We supply bespoke tabletops, glass doors, shelves and mirrors. Custom glass decor is a beautiful addition, which Glass Doctor of Dearborn Heights, MI, will create and install at your request.

Glass Decor Pieces for your Home

Explore how glass design heightens your home's beauty and functionality. Our specialists have a range of services to compliment your design requests. We create glass overlay pieces to protect antique furniture and we perform maintenance on sliding doors to restore operation. Glass decor is a great place to begin simple home beautification projects.

Tabletops and Shelves

Our experts can create custom glass tabletops both new and existing furniture. We will come to your house and provide you with a specialized consultation on the edgework, glass tint, thickness and other features. If you're worried about harmful UV rays, we can use tinted or coated glass for your piece. To protect any children in the house, we can use tempered or laminated glass.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors add unique finesse to ordinary interior decor. Mirrors enhance lighting and make the room look more spacious. Glass Doctor® of Dearborn Heights, MI, delivers extraordinary custom mirrors to create statement pieces for your home. Trust our team to create and hang a mirror that suits your current design style.

Patio and French Doors

Use your entrances to enhance natural light in your space. Our specialists install doorlite upgrades to your existing doors. Consider a specialty glass to better withstand Michigan's harsh winters or a decorative pane to beautify your home. Ask our specialists about adding window film to door glass to increase home security and energy efficiency.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity (low-E) windows are the equivalent to sunglasses for your house. These special panes reduce glare and harmful UV rays. The panes have a thin metallic coating, which reduces heat transfer without sacrificing natural light. These modern panes are the best option for homeowners interested in protecting the interior aspects of their abode. Light filtered through the panes will not fade carpets, draperies, furniture fabric and artwork.

Use glass to make your home a superior retreat. Consult with our specialists today to discover which decor additions work best in your space. Call or schedule an appointment online to set an initial appointment today!