Storefront Doors

Your company relies on impressions. A good impression will help you build relationships with customers and ultimately boost your business; a bad impression will have the opposite effect. One of the first, and most important, opportunities you will have to make a good impression happens right at your front door. The way your storefront doors and windows look and function determines how comfortable, welcomed and safe your customers feel. Glass Doctor® of Crown Point will provide you with the storefront glass care service you need to make an outstanding first impression.

Storefront Doors and Windows

You can have our glass specialists create and install beautifully ornate storefront doors and windows. They will seamlessly flow with the rest of your storefront's design. Also, we'll combine this form with functionality by offering you the following features for your storefront glass:

Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof glass guards against bullets and other projectiles. This means that by having us bulletproof your glass doors and windows, you ensure that your storefront is protected against not only attacks but also accidental damage. This gives you and your customers the peace of mind that you deserve.

Fire Resistant Glass

A fire can happen anywhere. The key to mitigating the damage caused is preparation. By investing in fire-resistant glass, you are making your storefront more prepared for a fire, because fire-resistant glass will help prevent a fire from spreading.

Hurricane-Rated Glass

Natural disasters can happen anywhere. By preparing your storefront beforehand, you make sure that you will have less to do to recover when the disaster is over. The hurricane-rated glass is specially designed to protect against debris and high winds. This could be the difference between minor damage to the exterior of your storefront, and extreme destruction on the inside.

Low-Emissivity Glass

Low-E glass will help you save on your energy bill by protecting the inside of your storefront against the sun's heat. This will mean that your HVAC will use less energy, and cost you less money, to maintain a constant indoor temperature. Low-E glass also filters out the sun's UV rays, so important fixtures and products won't be damaged.

Security Film

Security film is an outstanding way to keep your business safe, even when your front doors and windows are broken. This is because security film holds your glass in place, even after it is shattered. This prevents you from having to worry about dangerous shards of glass or a large opening at your front door.

A Better Business Partner

When your glass doors and windows are broken, you shouldn't have to wonder how and when you will be able to pick up the pieces. That's why Glass Doctor of Crown Point offers you 24/7 emergency storefront glass care service. With this, we will come out to fix your broken glass as soon as you call. Schedule an appointment today or give the Glass Doctor of Crown Point team a call to make your business' storefront even more attractive to customers.