Windshield Repair and Replacement

A damaged windshield is not something to ignore. A windshield with a  crack is not only a  safety issue, but it's also a good way to attract the attention of a passing patrolman and get a costly ticket. Ignoring a minor chip that's easily fixable only opens the door for an inevitable crack that might require an expensive windshield replacement. By consulting  Glass Doctor®  of Council Bluffs as soon as you notice a problem, you minimize what a windshield repair will cost.

windsheild repair

Once you call Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs, a glass specialist will respond to evaluate the damage and recommend the best course of action. Here are a few of the factors that we will consider.

  • Size: We can usually repair chips that are no larger than about 3/8 inch in diameter, and occasionally larger chips. Minor cracks no longer than about 3 inches are also usually repairable. For chips and cracks larger than this, we  recommend replacement rather than repair.
  • Location: The location of the windshield damage also plays an important role in whether or not a repair is possible or practical. If a crack has already spread to the edge of a windshield, the repair is usually not possible since it's difficult to prevent the crack from spreading. If a serious chip lies in the driver's line of sight, windshield replacement is usually necessary due to the distortion that the repair can cause.
  • Age: The amount of time windshield damage has gone untreated is also taken into consideration. For cracks especially, and to a lesser extent with chips, damage that has been left unattended is often beyond repair due to the buildup of dirt.

Windshield Repair Versus Replacement

It's not hard to understand why windshield repair is preferred over windshield replacement. Financially speaking, a repair is a minor charge versus the investment a  replacement windshield costs. Other factors that make repair a better option include:

  • Convenience: When you call Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs, we will arrive quickly and can usually complete a repair in an hour or less, depending on the damage. Replacing a windshield requires us to first find the correct model for your vehicle, which often means having to order the replacement.
  • Insurance: Even if you usually pay a deductible for vehicle care, insurers often will wave the deductible altogether for a timely repair since it saves them money.
  • Environment: Though you might not realize it, glass from automobiles is a major component of landfills that takes considerable time to decompose.

Windshield Repair Process

To repair a chip or crack, the glass specialist will first prepare the area by cleaning it and smoothing it with a drill. Once the area is prepared, repair resin is injected into the glass using a special tool. The resin is dried using a heat gun, and the repaired spot is polished to a smooth and transparent finish.

Windshield Replacement Process

Replacing a windshield is much a more labor-intensive service, which we only perform at our location.

  • A new windshield matching Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) specifications is located for your vehicle. All windshields Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs use match  Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) recommendations.
  • The windshield seal is removed and the windshield is carefully lifted out using suction cups.
  • The new windshield is carefully fitted into place, an adhesive is applied and a new seal is installed.
  • In accordance with  AGSC recommendations, a one-hour wait period is observed, which allows the adhesive to cure and ensures the windshield is secured safely in place. During this time, we'll go over our Windshield Protection Plan, which provides free windshield repair for cracks and chips for one year, as well as one free windshield replacement for irreparable damage.

Consider Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs your vehicle's glass care resource. Call us today or schedule an appointment online!