Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Your shower plays a vital role in your bathroom design. It is so important that a great looking glass shower or tub enclosure has the potential to increase your property's value. Glass Doctor® of Council Bluffs transforms ordinary bathrooms into luxurious retreats.

Our process starts well before you choose the shower doors that will enhance your bathroom. Before we begin, we always proactively consider the following:

  • Bathroom Configuration: The Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs team wants to make sure that your glass enclosure is safely installed. We will analyze the configuration of your bathroom and audit the materials the walls are made of and where the supporting beams are located. Knowing this allows us to install your enclosure in a structurally sound manner.
  • Shower Heads Placement: If your shower head sprays water in the wrong direction relative to your shower doors, then it will cover the floor with water every time you open it. To avoid this, we will show you which shower heads will work best with your enclosure options.
  • Bathroom Measurements: The measurements of your bathroom dictate the possible dimensions of your glass enclosure. We make sure that the installation happens without any delays or additional costs by measuring precisely.
  • Bathroom Layout: Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs doesn't want to install a glass shower or tub enclosure that creates an awkward layout in your bathroom. We will pay close attention to the bathroom layout to make the perfect design choices.
  • Bathroom Ventilation: Poor bathroom ventilation is a serious issue. It will make the steam from showers stifling and create an environment for mold to thrive and water damage a certainty. Our glass specialists will check your bathroom installation to ensure it flow efficiently. Fully tiled enclosure may benefit from our steam room kit upgrades.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

In order to maximize the effect of a new shower installation, you need to choose a shower or tub enclosure that compliments and enhances the rest of the bathroom. Regardless of your style, bathroom type or budget, Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs has an enclosure that suits your needs. However, we do not just sell you any shower doors that we have in stock. Our specialists will consider:

Considering these factors ensures every Council Bluffs home receives the perfect solution. 

We lend you our Bathroom Design Expertise

We have combined all of our bathroom design expertise to create our Shower Idea Center, where we offer you a myriad of resources to visualize, inspire and create your design.

Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs will enhance your bathroom with stylish frameless shower doors or tub enclosure. Call us or set an appointment online today!