Emergency Business Glass Services

Whether your broken glass is a result of vandalism or an act of nature, it is vital that you have the area cleaned and re-secured as quickly as possible. To ensure your security in the event of a security breach, Glass Doctor® of Council Bluffs offers emergency business glass repair services. You may contact us around the clock, even on weekends. Our specialists will clean the broken glass for you and board up the open areas, in addition to measuring your replacement pane needs.

Quick Emergency Repair Service

If you wish to expedite your glass repair and replacement services, consider enrollment in our Advance Measurement system. One of our experts will visit your business location and design a layout of your property, focusing on your glass needs. Each piece is assigned a number. Should breakage occur, you will contact our offices and make a report based on the diagram.

Our specialist will compare the pane to our current stock, and bring the appropriate selection or selections with them. This saves time and money because our experts will fix everything in a single visit, which is preferable to an unattractive boarding job and two repair visits. To enhance the speed of service, establish credit and contact information with Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs.

Contact our office today to sign up for the Advance Measurement system. You will experience faster repair times, which increases the security and aesthetics of your property. If you business is prone to glass damage, discuss our emergency business glass repair program for in-stock replacement. With this service, we have the glass you require regularly available so you experience expedited replacements when needed.

Commercial Care

Our emergency business glass repair services include Commercial Care. Enrollment in this program saves time and money by:

  • Priority after-hours response
  • Commercial account, including pre-approved credit in some cases
  • Discounts on emergency board-ups
  • Special prices on all work orders

Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs is here for all of your business glass needs. Our experts provide superior installation, repair and replacement services with an understanding of how vital security is to your company. Contact us today for a consultation regarding our emergency business glass repair services and how we may assist you.