Storefront Doors

The first thing that customers and prospective clients see when they approach your commercial property is your storefront, giving you an excellent chance to make a good first impression before anyone walks through the door. Shine the best light on your business with the comprehensive storefront glass care solutions from Glass Doctor® of Council Bluffs. Whether you manage one property or several in the state or nation, our dedicated team of glass specialists will manage your glass-related needs so you can focus on your business' success.

Dedicated Storefront Glass Care

Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs provides businesses throughout Pottawattamie County the greatest selection of quality glass solutions for all aspects of their operations, from emergency window repairs to windshields for fleet vehicles. Improve your building's energy performance by upgrading traditional glass panes with double or triple pane windows. High-efficiency windows not only prevent heat transfers throughout the seasons, they also reduce noise pollution, giving businesses on the busiest streets an added sense of tranquility. Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs is more than happy to personalize storefront glass with your logo, phone number, hours of operation and details you wish to include.

Specialty Glass

The specialty glass available gives your storefront an added level of strength and security. Glass options include tempered, fire-resistant and bulletproof glass. If you are concerned about glass breaks, consider hurricane-impact safety glass. Glass specialists can also add special glazes to panes to improve their performance and enhance your peace of mind.

Custom Glass Pieces

Custom glass pieces crafted to your exact specifications deliver improved function, aesthetic appeal and versatility over standard items found at retail locations. Moreover, they will make your commercial space stand out from the competition. Use glass shelves as a sleek way to display products or achievements. Design your own display cases so they fit in a space perfectly. Glass tabletops protect fine pieces of furniture and enhance their durability. Give custom glass pieces added personal touches with the tint, pattern or edge style of your choice.

Affordable Window Upgrades

Improve the performance of windows without cost of replacing them by installing security film in the tint of your choice. The film improves a building's energy performance and is tear resistant, so windows are harder to break. They also offer protection against the sun's UV rays, so items are less likely to discolor and fade.

Emergency Storefront Glass Care

Minimize losses related to broken panes by addressing shattered glass immediately and contacting Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs. Glass experts are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, to clean, board windows and complete emergency repairs. Speed up the repair process and receive priority services by signing up for our Advanced Measurement system before needing emergency glass repair services.

Proudly serving Carter Lake, Neola, Council Bluffs and the surrounding areas, the storefront glass care solutions at Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs ensure the glass components on your property stand out for the right reasons. Schedule an on-site consultation today to learn more.