Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Custom glass decor will give any room's style new life. In addition to looking amazing, glass decor has the benefit of making your entire room easier to maintain. Glass protects furniture and is easy to clean. There are multiple types of glass decor that will enhance a room, including glass tabletops and shelving. Regardless of your style and budget, Glass Doctor® of Council Bluffs has the right solution for your home's style upgrade.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Oftentimes, a table is a centerpiece of kitchen, dining room and home office design. However, it is easy for the presence of a dining room or coffee table to fall flat. The sleek crystalline finish of a glass tabletop ensures your table always has a strong presence that boosts the style of the entire room. In addition, custom glass tabletops also protect your furniture from scratches and other forms of damage.

Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs will customize your pane's dimensions to perfectly fit the table it will be placed upon. Every detail of the glass tabletop's design will be tailored to your exact requirements.

Custom Glass Shelving

Floating glass shelves give you an opportunity to place all of your pictures and artwork around the room in a way that makes them stand out. Because glass shelving is transparent, it will not distract eyes from your pieces. If you already have a standing shelf, it is possible to add custom glass shelving for protection and to create a style upgrade without replacing the entire shelf. We will even color your glass shelving to match the rest of your home decor.

We provide you with the option of mirrored shelving, which immediately enhances any piece of artwork or decor sitting atop it. The shelves deliver a panoramic view of the entire piece and make it stand out more.

Custom Glass Decor Consultation

Graphic of different glass edges

Our glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs will guide you through the entire process of obtaining your brand new glass decor. As a part of our standard consultation, we educate you about all of the design elements included in a piece of custom glass decor, and then we guide you through which design elements will work best with your room.

Protect Your Glass Decor

Glass Tinting

The sun's UV rays will cause any piece of furniture to fade and crack given enough time and intensity. We offer glass tinting, which allows your indoor and outdoor custom glass decor to protect your furniture from UV damage.

Safety Glass

Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs offers you the option of upgrading your custom glass decor to safety glass, tempered or laminated panes, which significantly increases your panes durability. The safety glass is the best option if you're concerned about glass breakage in your home.

Upgrade Your Glass Decor Today

Our glass specialists have everything your need to customize your home with the glass decor of your dreams, contact Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs today!