Door Closer Repair Service

If you want to make a great first impression, start with the door to your business. From the moment customers see your building and walk through the door, they are beginning to form an opinion of your business. Something as simple as a faulty door can mean that a potential client takes their business to your competitor. Glass Doctor® of Council Bluffs provides door closer repair and commercial door maintenance services so that you can impress new customers and keep your business operating smoothly.

How Door Closers Work

While you may not have given much thought to door closers, they are an important mechanical and safety device that you probably use everyday. Their main purpose is to allow users to easily open heavy doors and enable the door to close without having to be physically shut. As a customer applies pressure to the door, they will be met with a certain amount of resistance that provides a feel for the weight of the door and prevents the door from flying open too quickly. After that initial resistance, the door should open smoothly. Once pressure is no longer being applied, the door will safely return to the frame.

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

The most common mistake is equipping heavy doors with inadequate springs. If the heavy glass is not supported with the correct hardware, this can lead to a misalignment that can cause damage to both the door and the frame. Perhaps even more importantly, this can pose a safety risk to users. As part of our door closer repair services, we guarantee to use the right parts and tools to keep your door in optimal working condition and ensure that you get the most years out of your door. Rely on an experienced specialist for all your repair and maintenance needs so that you never have to worry about door frame damage, abnormal movements of the door or costly misalignments.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Broken seals are another common issue that can occur with commercial door closers. If you notice oil leaks or missing screws, you may need to replace broken seals and o-rings. Once new parts are put in place, a professional will replace the oil. It is important to note that low lubrication levels can cause the door to open and close too quickly, which has the potential to cause injury.

Door is Difficult to Lock

If the door closer has caused a misalignment or damaged the frame, this can prevent the door from locking securely. Call on our door closer repair experts to secure your building and protect your investment.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

The majority of door closers come with a warranty. However, you can end up voiding this warranty if you attempt repairs yourself. Make sure to rely on the training and experience of a professional so that you continue to enjoy the protection of your warranty. Call on Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs for your door closer repair and maintenance needs. Schedule an appointment today!