Custom Mirrors

Want to remodel your home with minimum work and expense? Custom mirrors from Glass Doctor® of Council Bluffs can create a whole new look for your living space-quickly, cost-effectively and without making a mess! Our experienced glass designers and installers can carry out your vision or provide guidance to assist you in finding just the look you like.

Use Custom Mirrors to Brighten Up Your Home

Custom mirrors are tailor made to enhance both artificial lighting and natural sunlight all over the house.

  • You can hang mirrors that just fit a space perfectly or dress up furniture with a mirrored tabletop or mirror-topped coffee table.
  • Add mirrors in rooms lacking windows to bring light into the dark spots and make the alcoves in your home more inviting and attractive. Areas that never saw much use before will suddenly become favorite relaxing spots.
  • Make the kitchen and bath instantly sunnier with strategically placed custom mirrors. Cover your backsplash or an entire wall with mirrors.
  • Magnify lamplight or moonlight with wall mirrors.
  • Display curios, ceramic pieces or artworks on mirrored shelves spotlighting them with reflected brilliance.

Enlarge Your Rooms with Custom Mirrors

Proper mirror placement can visually enlarge your home’s interior by reflecting light and playing up the beauty of home furnishings across the room. Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs suggestions:

  • Double the size of your entryway with custom wall mirrors or a mirrored hall tabletop.
  • Make the dining room feel more expansive with mirrored walls. Mirrors will magnify the impact of your table settings, floral arrangements and lighting fixtures, too.
  • Create drama by increasing the size of the master bedroom and bath with full-length closet mirrors and framed vanity mirrors along with mirrored dressers, sink surrounds and countertops.

Add Decorative Mirrors to Your Decor

Mirrors often reflect or enhance, but they can also be focal points themselves. 

  • Round or oval mirrors add their own visual interest while showcasing items directly in front of, across from or around them.
  • Make a statement with a uniquely shaped, curved or beveled mirror, designed to have pride of place above the mantle or sofa.
  • Add detail such as tinted glass mirrors, self-framed mirrors and unique edge designs.
  • Place a framed mirror or two amongst framed photos in a collage for added interest. 

For a professional in-home consultation, contact Glass Doctor of Council Bluffs and learn about all your options for custom mirrors!