Clear Choice Protectant

The Glass Doctor® of Columbia TN team will add an extra layer of reliable protection to your cherished home surfaces. Clear Choice is a comprehensive protection solution for delicate fixtures, such as windows, sinks, countertops, tile and more. Clear Choice has both water- and oil-resistant properties to protect surfaces, saving you time on cleaning. Issues with soap scum, mildew or hard water stains are easily alleviated with a single application of Clear Choice protectant. This high-tech layer of defense will preserve your bathroom surfaces, helping to maintain a radiant shine every day.

Protect Your Investment

Hard water will wreak havoc on porcelain, granite, glass, tile and other surfaces. Glass Doctor of Columbia TN will defend your bathroom surfaces from wear with Clear Choice. One application of our protective glass treatment film will render a surface stain and scratch resistant. Clear Choice is an advanced shield that keeps silica-based surfaces protected for up to five years. Glass Doctor of Columbia TN will apply Clear Choice to bathroom surfaces, keeping them safe from:

  • Fading and weathering
  • Hard water
  • Mineral deposits
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Scratches, stains or chips in tile and countertops

Advantages of Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice works wonders to defend your bathroom against the daily rigors of life for years to come. With Clear Choice, your bathroom will ultimately become oil and water repellant. This contributes to:

  • A more eco-friendly home
  • Prevention of hard water etching
  • Fewer bacteria, mildew or mold
  • Higher gloss surfaces
  • Less time spent cleaning 

Make your home look better than ever with Clear Choice by Glass Doctor of Columbia TN. Our glass treatment services also include installing a new tub enclosure or shower door. Our specialists work hard to create the bathroom environment you've always envisioned. Call our team today for a free in-home consultation or fill out a quick service request online.