Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Your house is probably the largest investment you’ll ever make, and your most important financial asset. Any improvement in your home’s style and sustainability increases your property’s value. Within the house itself, each room has individual merits and assets. As the focal point of the most relaxing room in the house, your bath or shower enclosure truly speaks to your interior and architectural design sophistication.

Whether you have a new home construction or a renovation project in or near Lawrenceburg, Glass Doctor® of Columbia TN has the shower or tub enclosure solution for you. The first step of your shower project is a home visit to check your bathroom's design, configuration and fixtures.

Design:The configuration of your shower doors or tub enclosure depends on your walls; they must be able to support the weight of your unit. Your walls’ studs locations must be marked. The materials used in the construction of your bathroom walls is of utmost importance because it affect the load bearing capacity, for example tile and concrete walls are stronger than Sheetrock® walls.

Configuration:Glass Doctor of Columbia TN will send a specialist to measure your bathroom to ensure we provide an accurate estimate for materials, labor and turnaround time. After taking measurements, our specialist will also check that your bathroom has adequate ventilation. Without the appropriate ventilation, moisture will build up on walls and ceilings, causing problems with mold and peeling paint.

Fixtures: Think of your fixtures as the accessories for your bathroom. There are many styles and materials for faucets and handles, and your choice of shape and finish depends on the decor theme. What’s important is to have them installed in a location that ensures no water will spray over or outside the enclosure.

Bathroom Improvement

Bathroom Designs with Style

Your Glass Doctor of Columbia TN professionals have more than interior glass expertise and experience, we also have interior decor and design suggestions to help you create the bathroom look you want! Our bathroom remodeling ideas include creative lighting and mirror examples that will enrich your bathroom.

Your space requirements will impact the type of shower doors or tub enclosure you need, and our glass professionals will help you decide which enclosure type you want. See examples of every style in our shower door gallery.

We use only the best vendors in the industry. Once your new enclosure is installed, we discuss good maintenance practices to ensure your investment is cared for properly.

We will work with you and for you! We will also work with your building contractor to keep your project on-time and under-budget whenever possible. In most cases, Glass Doctor of Columbia TN will conveniently install your frameless shower doors or tub enclosure in less than a day. Call 215-618-3639 or contact us onlineto learn more about the versatility of custom glass for your home or business!