Double Pane Window Installation and Repair Services

Glass Doctor® of Columbia, TN serves the glass needs for Columbia, Decherd and Pulaski residents. We perform double pane window replacement and installation that beautify your home and lower your energy costs.

Double Pane Window Replacement

double pane window

Installing double pane windows is an effective way to make your home more comfortable, as well as a cost-effective solution to heating and cooling costs. Because windows are one of the major sources of heat loss in a home, replace any window damage will ensure that your home is cool in the summer, and reduces the time you spend adjusting your thermostat. Double pane windows are a type of insulated glass unit (IGU) made up of multiple panes, a spacer, a desiccant and a seal. Between the two panes air presents a barrier to provide increased levels of insulation and may be augmented through the addition of gases such as krypton and argon.

The different segments of the IGU will be affected by wear and tear, lowering the effectiveness of your home or office's insulation. There may be failure along the seal of the glass pane or disruption of the spacer. Depending on the type of damage, replacing specific parts of your window may be the most appropriate service, rather than installing entirely new IGUs. This will help to maintain look and feel of your home, and reduce the need for any detailing or repainting of the fixtures.

Replacing Just the Frame

If your window needs complete replacement, our specialists will perform quality IGU installation. We will identify any issues with your IGUs and recommend the best and most cost-effective solution for your budget and needs. In many cases you will be able to retain your original frame, and only replace the damaged window pane. Contact one of our glass specialists in Columbia for a consultation today. Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN is ready to serve you!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.