Windshield Repair and Replacement

Restore your vehicle's glass immediately after unexpected road hazards damage your windshield. Glass Doctor® of Coldwater, MI, provides fast, efficient windshield chip repair to prevent splintering and spreading fractures from endangering you and your passengers. Alternatively, receive reliable windshield replacement for all chips and cracks beyond our affordable repair. We remove and replace your broken windshield using industry best practices set by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), preventing any car paint scuffs or scrapes.

Determining Your Auto Glass Service

Our specialists determine the need for repair or replacement using three key factors:

Size: Under normal conditions, chips wider than 3/8 inch and cracks longer than three inches require windshield replacement. However, we always assess damages in an effort to save you valuable time and money.

Location: Repairs leave a perceptible outline after resin cures. For your protection, chips and cracks in the driver’s line of vision require replacement. Cracks splintering to the edge also tend to spread, making replacement the safest option.

Damage Duration: Dirt, dust and environmental pollutants enter chips and cracks, significantly increasing/accelerating windshield damage. Allow our glass experts to prevent unnecessary replacement costs as soon as possible.

Contact your auto insurance provider before requesting windshield repair or replacement. Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, coordinates with most carriers and completes all insurance paperwork to facilitate effortless filing on your end. Protect your family and gain industry expertise in windshield restoration today.

Windshield Repair Advantages

Rely on windshield chip repair to effectively restore minor chips and cracks. Our experienced glass specialists recommend repair for four impressive reasons:

Cost: Choose repair over replacement to enjoy unbeatable savings.

Convenience: Stay on schedule with one-hour repair.

Coverage: Most insurance companies waive deductibles and pay for affordable repair.

Conservation: Go green and prevent broken glass from adding to a landfill.

Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, ensures optimal bonding by removing all dust and debris in a pre-repair clean. If necessary, we’ll drill a clean passage before injecting repair resin into the impacted area. Before you drive away, we cure and polish resin for enhanced visibility.

Windshield Replacement Process

Protect your friends and family with industry-trusted windshield replacement. Unbroken windshields contribute to nearly half of your vehicle’s structural integrity in a front-end collision and 60% during a rollover accident, it varies depending on the car make and model. We complete three essential steps to guarantee professional windshield replacement and complete customer satisfaction:

Removal: Our auto glass experts avoid paint and bonding surface damage by carefully detaching your fractured windshield. This prevents potential leaks and corrosions from damaging your vehicle.

Selection: We select the perfect replacement matching all Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) specifications. Expect all original windshield technology, including humidity/rain sensors and temperature gauges, to be restored.

Installation: Finally, we apply your new windshield using AGSC approved adhesives, sealing the edges and allowing for a one-hour curing period prior to pick-up. Every replacement includes our Windshield Protection Plan, delivering one free replacement and unlimited windshield chip repair for 12 months of continuous coverage. Alternative coverage plans remain available for an additional price.

Serving Sturgis, Warren, and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, prioritizes your safety and savings in every windshield repair and replacement. Call 517-714-4525 or complete an online service request form to reach a team member now. We’ll schedule a convenient appointment to get you back behind the wheel in no time.